Why Amla Is Good For You : Amazing Health benefits of Amla

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This is Why Amla is Good For You : Humble Amla Health Benefits

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Amla powder – 100 gms

Mulhathi (Mulethi) powder – 100 gms

Mix both the ingredients and store in airtight jar.

Take one teaspoon early morning empty stomach and 1 teaspoon before going to bed.

You can take water with it if you find it difficult to swallow the powder alone.

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Amla Murabba is considered as a tonic for Brain, it improves mental health and is also beneficial in increasing memory.

Eat Amle ka Murabba or murabba-E-Amla as it is called in Unani Medicine everyday before breakfast, eating 1-2 piece will be sufficient.

It is suggested to rinse off the sugar syrup to remove the excess calories that comes with the syrup.

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The  Antioxidants present in Indian Gooseberry makes it a booster of overall eye health.

According to Webmd.com

“Antioxidants  protect against eye damage from things like sunlight, cigarette smoke, and air pollution”

Take Amla Powder: 300gms

Dried Ginger Powder ( Sonth / Saunth) : 100 gms

Mix both powders and store.

Take 3 gms of this mixture every morning and evening with water.

This home remedy with Amla is for overall Eye Health.

 Amla For Hair

Amla makes hair lustrous, it is very good for treating dry and itchy scalp, prevents premature graying of hair and  promotes hair growth, this is why Amla hair oil is one of the bestselling hair care products ever. Amla can be used for hair in several ways, the best being the hair oil.

To make your Amla hair pack mix Amla powder and  Hibiscus powder in 2:1 ratio and make a paste while adding water. Apply this Amla Hibiscus hair pack on scalp and hair, leave it to dry then wash off. This hair pack can be used once in a week to get the expected results.

buy Amla Dab On For Hair

Mix pure Amla extract and freshly squeezed lemon juice in equal quantities. Soak a cotton ball with this mixture and dab it all over the scalp, allow it to seep into the scalp, rinse it off when it completely dries up. This dab on is a perfect nourishing tonic for hair, Amla helps in strengthening the strands and the lemon juice will help in eliminating dandruff from the scalp. This tonic works great on oily and normal hair, if you have dry hair and scalp then replace lemon juice with Aloe Vera gel and it shall work equally fine for your lovely locks.

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