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Easy Spanish Omelette Recipe For Breakfast

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Omelettes are so much fun to eat, they are easy, delicious and  quick. I have relished omelettes in many forms and with different variations. Here I will have to admit that with every new recipe of Omelette that I try  my love for it doubles. I really cannot stop experimenting with this divine devil, Mr. Egg.

I like to enhance the flavor of egg by introducing different ingredients to my regular Omelette. And this recipe is a perfect amalgamation of two most loved ingredients of people around the world, Potatoes and Egg.

Its a simple breakfast recipe, a Potato and Egg Omelette. A Spanish Omelette is a combination of crispy fried potatoes and egg, seasoned with salt and pepper. I have seen people adjusting the recipe according to their taste and preference. Some common add-ons are onions, spring onions and herbs.

In my  recipe for making a Spanish Omelette, I have given it a healthy twist. Instead of deep frying the potatoes I prefer to grill them, but its completely a matter of personal choice. It will be equally perfect if you want to go with the deep frying method.

I have never been to Spain and I have no idea how a Spanish omelette would taste in its homeland. This recipe has my own twist and Im sure its close to its native counterpart.

easy spanish omelette recipe




4  Medium Sized Potatoes

2 Eggs

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper



  • Peel and dice the potatoes in small cubes
  • Lay them on a grilling tray
  • Drizzle some Olive Oil and Sprinkle Paprika ( you can use normal red chilly powder also)
  • Pop them in the oven. Set grill mode in 180 degrees for 12 mins. Alternatively you can deep fry the potatoes instead of grilling them. In this recipe I have grilled the potatoes.
  • Once done, cool the potatoes and  transfer them to a mixing bowl
  • Add the Eggs, Salt and Pepper and whisk so that it gets mixed with Potatoes evenly.
  • Heat oil in a pan and pour in the mixture.
  • Spread it evenly with the help of a spatula.
  • Let it cook nicely on one side in medium heat.
  • Now place a plate on top of the pan and  take the omelette out. Carefully slide the omelette back into the pan to cook the other side. Insert a fork to ensure that omelette is well cooked from inside also.
  • Once cooked take it out in a plate and serve with your favorite Sauce.

Try this simple recipe of Spanish Omelette, make your variations and don’t forget to share it with us.

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