How To Flush Toxins and Cleanse The System order viagra What are Toxins?
Toxin is a poisonous substance that can affect our body negatively and also lead to the malfunction of organs. Toxins are mostly understood as poisonous substances that are contained in the chemicals present in our food, water and environment, they are very hazardous if they come in contact and react with, or are absorbed by body tissues. They are produced by almost all living organisms, plants and human beings and micro organisms like bacteria, fungus, algae etc. However they are not harmful to the organism they are produced by but they are extremely harmful to the human beings. How do toxins enter our body?
These toxins can enter our body through various mediums like:
Food: synthetic additives and preservatives used in our food products, herbicides and pesticides used agricultural process.
How to flush toxins from body

Water: toxins also enter our body through contaminated water and also through chemicals used in water.
There are other mediums also like prescription drugs, vaccines and household paints, varnishes etc.
All these are called external toxins and they enter our body while we eat, drink or inhale.
Apart from the external toxins our body also produces toxins for e.g.  As the by product of normal metabolism process.
Thus both natural and man-made things have toxins and whether it is internal or external they are harmful.

How To Flush Toxins From The Body

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Thus we should try to avoid and limit the use of synthetic and chemical based products. Try and use natural and organic products as much as possible drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and maintain personal hygiene. levitra 20 mg cost walmart Misconception About Detoxification
Detox is meant to flush out toxins from your body ant not to help you lose weight. A lot of people think that taking a detox diet will result in weight loss.

Principles Of A Detox Program

1. You may feel lighter as it is likely that you lose some water weight or even some calories due to an awakened metabolism, but this should not tempt you to weigh yourself every single day. The main objective of any detox program is to reduce the burden of toxins from your system and flush them out.
2. Choose Organic Food : when you are on a detox diet where your main aim is to eliminate toxins from the body it becomes very important to choose your food wisely. Hybrid and other form of vegetable may contain some amount of toxins because of the fertilizers and sprinklers used to grow them.
3. A good detox diet will never let you feel hungry. If the detox program is starving your or making you skip your meals, then your detox is going on the wrong path.
4. Eat Fibre rich food and drink plenty of water. Both water and fibre invoke satiety.
5. Eat Food in its natural form, or atleast in its closest natural state. Raw food is full with the vital nutrient, cooking and processing strip off some nutrients from the food.
6.  Do not count calories, rather eat sensibly.

What To Eat on Detox Diet

  • Fresh and preferably organic Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruit especially those that have high water content
  • Salads (without cheese of-course)
  • Choose Cold Pressed Oils for dressing salads
  • Fresh Juices ( not the packed ones)
  • Breads
  • Drinks – Green tea. herbal tea, cinnamon tea. Lemon Water, Filtered Water
  • Nuts – Almond, Cashew
  • Pulses and Bean Spouts

What Not To Eat On Detox Diet

  • Processed Food
  • Dairy Products- Milk, Cheese, Cream
  • Sugar
  • Chocolates and Confectioneries
  • Baked food
  • Meat / Fish/ Eggs
  • Salt
  • Alcohol
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Ready Meals
  • White Rice / Bread

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Bean   / Lentil / legume Soup

Green Salad

Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. If bowel moments are disturbed add high fiber items from allowed category to your meals.

Simple at home detox is a better alternative for those who have less affordability of time and money.

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