What Are The Vertical Lines On Nails | How To Reduce Nail Ridges

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What are The Causes of Vertical Ridges On Nails

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  1. http://levitrawithoutadoctor10mgonline.accountant vardenafil Ageing : The ridges may become more prominent with age.
  2. for Injury to nail bed or nail plate : if you have had an injury in your nail bed in the past, occurrence of ridges on nail doesn’t come as a surprise.
  3. discount cialis Nutritional deficiencies : If the food eaten lacks balance you are likely to have these lines on your nails. The sources of nutrients should also be balanced for eg : if you rely a lot on animal protein and ignore the other sources you may have brittle nails.

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Are Vertical Ridges on Nails A Cause of Concern

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viagra spokeswoman football What Should You Do If You Have Vertical Ridges on Nails?
Although vertical lines do not indicate in any serious health conditions, you must still not ignore it as it may be a result of imbalanced diet, which in itself is a unhealthy practice. In longer run it will lead to health issues.
So you can meet a doctor and and get his opinion on your nail’s vertical ridges.

How To Reduce the Vertical Ridges on Nails

Buff Them
Gently buff your nails with a three way or four way buffer. Do not go overboard while buffing, deeper ridges cannot be removed completely by buffing. Aim to minimize by appearance of ridges by buffing gently. Aggressive and frequent buffing will weaken your nails so be very gentle.
Eat A Balanced Diet
Throughout this article  I have emphasized the importance of eating a balanced diet and once again I repeat ” Eat a Well Rounded Diet ” to keep your fingernails, hair, skin and whole body healthy.
Use A Ridge Filler Base Coat
While buffing your nail ridges may not be the best bet to smooth out the corrugated nails, and eating a balance diet will not work instantly, Ridge Filler Base coat works as a quick fix for nail ridges. Keep one handy to cover the uneven nails on the go.

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