What Are The Vertical Lines On Nails | How To Reduce Nail Ridges

If you have recently observed these strange vertical lines on your nails, Im sure you are wondering “what are these lines on my nails”. Worry not, you are not alone, there are many onboard with you as these ridges on nails are quite common. “Vertical Nail Ridges are the bumpy lines which extends from cuticles […]

Bestselling Back Support Belts In India | Things You Must Know Before Buying

Back Support Belts are used to provide reinforcement to the weakened / injured back muscles caused due to any injury, disorder or ageing. In India you can buy a Lumbar Belt or a back Support Belt from the Medical Stores, These belts can be ordered online also, but before you  buy a back support belt […]

Homemade Anti Acne Neem Tulsi Face Pack Powder

You may have have used store bought herbal / organic face  packs but making it at home is always better as you are aware of what goes in the pack. Make this Anti Acne Neem Tulsi pack at home and use it, this works wonderfully on Acne, pimples and blemishes. Whatever be the cause of an Acne […]

Homemade Herbal Anti-Dandruff Hair Pack Powder

Among the various hair problems that one faces, danduff is the most embarrassing one. White flakes falling off from the scalp are often spotted on victim’s shoulders. There are several factors can be held responsible for causing Dandruff. Stress, residues of cosmetic hair products, excessively dry skin etc. are a few to name. How to Deal […]

Veg Pulao Recipe In Pressure Cooker | Easy Veggie Pulao

There are certain days when you just want to sit and relax, or may be want to finish off a long pending work this recipe of vegetable pulao cooked in a pressure cooker is perfect for such days. This is an edgy dish which is quite healthy too. A vegetable Pulao is a rice based […]

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