Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home remedies for diabetes These diabetes home remedies helps in maintaining proper sugar levels thus they help in keeping diabetes under control.   What is Diabetes? When there is increased glucose level in blood the person is supposed to be suffering from disease called Diabetes Mallitus commonly known as Diabetes. This happens when our body […]

Home Remedies To Control Hair fall Naturally

Help ! My Hair Is Falling Out !!!I see a lot of forums threads with this title, as falling out of hair has become a common problem with a majority of people today, because of the unhealthy lifestyle and increasing stress due to competition. If your hair is falling off try to deal with it using home remedies that uses […]

Eliminating Body Odor With Home Remedies

It is embarrassing to realize that in a bus people near you are shrinking their nose, and it takes a lot to accept that yes i am stinking, but do not worry you can save yourself  the embarrassment.  Try using these easy home remedies for body odor problems especially for smelly armpits.What inspired me to share these natural ways to deal with body odor in […]

Swine Flu – Symptoms and Prevention

What is Swine Flu ? Swine flu is a respiratory disease that infects pigs. It is caused due to the infection by any one of several type of influenza A virus. This influenza is transmitted to human through direct contact with infected pig (zoonotic swine flu) but looking to the history and even recent outbreaks […]

How to Get Fair Skin

How to Get Fair Skin Naturally As it is human nature to be unsatisfied with what we have and this dissatisfaction gets more desperate when it come to skin complexion. In West people spend tons of money and time for tanning their skin and here in east we crave for fair skin complexion. However there […]

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