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Reduce Pimples Using Home Remedies | Neem Bark For Acne Reduction

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How to Reduce Acne And Pimples At Home

Acne and pimples are very embarrassing, one break out turns your world up-side down if it appears before a day you want to go out  be it for work or party. It does not affect the overall body health but it certainly effects ones aesthetic side. Pens, gels, ointments everything has been tried upon but still there is no sure shot way of clearing pimples and acne overnight. Where chemical based products leverage a risk of reaction on the skin using home remedies like neem bark for reducing pimples and acne at home can be a better option as it does not have any side effects (exceptions are always there).

Alum in one compound which can help in reducing even severe acne naturally at home. It is applied topically on the acne, it is also used as aftershave.

reducing acne naturally with home remedies

1. The Neem Bark home remedy for Pimples

neem bark pimples

Neem is renowned for its anti-bacterial properties and its is used in formulation a wide range of anti acne products. Neem is very effecting in treating acne and the three mosly used forms are Neem Oil, Neem Leaves and Neem Bark ( Neem Chhaal in Hindi ).

For Acne prone skin, using a neem toner is very effective. You can make your DIY Neem Toner at home just grind some fresh neem leave and strain it through a muslin cloth. Take the juice and add it to distilled water. Store in a spray bottle and use it as a facial toner everyday. This will help in reducing the pimples and acne as well as in fading the scars.

If you have severe acne problem, using the Neem Bark remedy can prove to be a boon.

How to use Neem Bark To cure Acute Acne

  • Take bark of neem tree (available at any ayurvedic store).
  • Rub it on a rough stone surface while adding water.
  • Save the thick paste in a bowl, keep rubbing till you have enough paste to apply all over the acne affected area.
  • Apply this on pimples / acne.
  • Keep it for half an hour.

Benefits: this is a very effective home remedy. this paste can heal severe acne also. And i personally testify that neem bark worked for my acne.

You can also try the homemade anti acne Neem Tulsi face pack, it is and inexpensive homemade face pack which can be prepared easily at home.

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 2. Lemon juice for pimples 

  • Take lemon juice.
  • Mix with rose water.
  • Dab this on acne using cotton ball.
  • keep for half an hour.
  • Wash face and pat dry with clean towel.

Benefit: If repeated for 15-20 days regularly acne will get healed.

While Lemon Juice is very effective in reducing pimple, skin brightening, tan removal etc. it is very likely to cause skin irritation. It is always recommended to dilute lemon juice before applying it on skin.

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1. Reduce pimples with Nutmeg

nutmeg for pimples

  • Grind nutmeg.
  • Make paste with raw milk.
  • Apply this paste on acne.
  • keep it until dry.
  • Rinse face with tepid water.

Benefit: Regular application helps to clear acne and to fade away dark spots.

4. Treating Acne using Garlic Cloves

The reason behind associating Garlic with pimple and acne , is its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property.

  • Peel garlic cloves.
  • Crush them and apply on zits, if you fee the burning sensation is beyond tolerance, dilute it with water and then apply.
  • Repeat this atleast twice a day.

Benefits: Garlic has got excellent antibiotic properties which helps to prevent bulging of acne/zits. This makes garlic an excellent natural cure to reduce pimples

5. Alum Powder For Pimples

alum acne

Among the several ways you can use Alum on acne this one is my favorite, a little tedious though, it suits my skin. In a griddle heat some alum stones, when they turn hot you should be able to crush them. Once they are crushed to powder turn off the heat. Place this powder on the open side of a half cut lemon. While applying gentle pressure and squeezing the lemon place it on the pimple or acne. This remedy will work best if your skin is not sensitive to undiluted lemon juice and alum. Avoid vigorously rubbing alum on acne, as it may cause irritation on skin

The anti bacterial and antiseptic properties will kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation and will gradually heal the acne, this remedy will also prevent the acne from leaving a scar behind.



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