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How To Eliminate Body Odor Naturally With Home Remedies

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body odor remedies
home remedies for body odor

It is embarrassing to realize that while travelling in a bus people around you are shrinking their nose, and it takes a lot to accept that yes i am stinking, but do not worry you can save yourself  the embarrassment.  Try  to get rid of body odor naturally using these easy home remedies for body odor problems especially  to remove armpit odor. What inspired me to share these natural ways to deal with body odor here is that using these remedies have very less chances of side effects. We all are aware that the deodorants available in the market sometimes may result in darkened and irritated skin.

What is Body Odor ?

Body odor is an unpleasant smell that comes out from an individuals body. The causes for body odor vary from person to person and depends on various factors like gender, medication, fungal infections, genetics etc.
Perspiration is part of cooling process of the body. Do you know sweat does not have any bad smell of its own? It actually reacts with the bacteria accumulated on the skin and releases an unpleasant odor. The temperature of the underarm area is warm, when sweat mixes with the bacteria present on the skin it dwells due to the warm and moist condition that it gets in the armpit region and emanates odor.

7 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Body Odor


1. Vinegar Dab-on For Eliminating Body Odor

Take apple cider vinegar in a cotton ball and dab it on the armpit. This helps to reduce body odor effectively.

Use of antibacterial soap and deodorant soap while bathing works good if the body odor is due to excessive sweating / perspiration.

2. Use Baking Soda

Powder the under-arms with baking soda. Mix baking soda in warm water and soak the feet to eliminate foot odor naturally.

3. Tomato juice Soak 

Add half cup of tomato juice in bath water and soak yourself for 15 mins in it before bathing, this will help to cure body odor naturally.

4. Treat with Herbs

Another good home remedy for body odor is Tea-tree and Rosemary, both these anti bacterial herbs  can be mixed in form of essential oil with water and applied where needed.

5. Milk of Magnesia to Eliminate Body odor

Many people have experienced good results with topical application of milk of magnesia in eliminating body odor. Consumption of alcohol and smoking also adds to the body odor problem. Magnesium hydroxide aka Milk of Magnesia is a wonderful home remedy for body odor. Milk of Magnesia acts as a natural deodorant and removes body odor, once applied after shower it lasts for the entire day. As a matter of fact milk of magnesia is not an antiperspirant thus it cannot help in stopping perspiration. But it is believed that milk of magnesia has certain anti microbial properties that can potentially kill odd body odor causing bacteria.

How to Use Milk Of Magnesia For Odd Body Odors

Pour a small amount of milk of magnesia on your palm. Using your fingertips apply the liquid on your armpits. Alternatively you can buy empty roll on bottles like this one and store your milk of magnesia in it. Roll it on your clean, washed, pat dried armpits.

You can buy Milk of Magnesia from chemist store or you can try from amazon like this one.

6. Gram Flour And Yogurt Paste

Make a paste with gram flour and yogurt. Gently massage your body with this ubtan (paste) before bathing. This will open up the pores and will allow your skin to breathe well, thus aiding in elimination of body odour.

7. Try out a Body detox

There can be different reasons for having body odor problem. Sometimes the reason may be within the body. The undigested food or improper digestion may lead to toxin build up within the body. To flush out these toxins a good detox program can be considered. The detox will leave the body fresh and clean, thus will also support in eliminating body odor. You may try this simple home body detox.

8. Eat green leafy vegetables

Leafy Veggies like Spinach, Parsley, Garden Cress, these leafy veggies have Chlorophyll which is believed to act as an internal deodorant. According to a study listed in NCBI website, “the administration of chlorophyllin tablets was found to be helpful in controlling body and fecal odors”. Here it is very important for me to mention that before you choose to take Chrophyll supplementation you must first consult a physician for professional guidance.

However you can go by the home remedy i.e eating food that has high content of Chlorophyll in it like Parsley and Kale. Juicing it out is the best way to retain the nutritive value of the greens.

Fishy Body Odor

Fish Odor Syndrome ( Trimethylaminuria )

While the common body odor is an embarrassing condition and can be controlled and managed with several home remedies, natural ways to remove BO and even with commercial. OTC products, fishy body odor is a serious condition.

Fishy body odor is caused due to a condition called trimethylaminuria. It is a condition in which the body is unable to turn trimethylamine which is a chemical with strong smell  into a non smelly chemical . This leads to significant build-up of  trimethylamine  in the body and it makes its way to the sweat. Besides this, Fishy odor syndrome can also be genetic.

In this condition one will experience a strong fishy smell from body. You may or may not notice that body smells like fish after eating fish in particular. 

How to Get Rid of Fish Odor Syndrome

There is not too much information on natural remedies for Fish odor syndrome. But certainly there are studies that show that Activated Charcoal, supplements and certain antibiotics have been preferred in the the management of  trimethylaminuria.

Practice these tips daily to get rid of body odor

  • Take these important measures to avoid bad smelling body
  • Adding some drops of rose water to the bath water is one simple and effective home remedy for body odor.
  • Dry well the underarm and groin area after shower or bath.
  • Use baby powder for underarms instead of chemical based deodorants to keep the perspiration area dry.
  • Wear clean and washed clothes everyday even if you feel it is smelling ok.
  • Poor hygiene give germs and bacteria chance to grow  on you skin.  By maintaining good hygiene you can keep body odor problem at bay.



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