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Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home remedies for diabetes

These diabetes home remedies helps in maintaining proper sugar levels thus they help in keeping diabetes under control.

What is Diabetes?

When there is increased glucose level in blood the person is supposed to be suffering from disease called Diabetes Mallitus commonly known as Diabetes.
This happens when our body does not produce or utilize enough insulin.
Insulin is a hormone which is produced in our pancreas, it helps to convert glucose into energy.

Types of Diabetes.

There are three types of Diabetes:

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2 see Natural Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes
  3. Gestational Diabetes

Causes of Diabetes

  1. Age
  2. Stress and Hypertension
  3. Heriditary/Genetics
  4. Absence of Physical activity/excercise in daily routine.
  5. Some sort of disorders that affect the ability of pancreas to produce insulin.
  6. Smoking.
  7. Excessive intake of carbohydrate and sugar in diet.
Diabetes is difficult to be cured for lifetime but  proper levels can be maintained by maintaining good and healthy diet habits

Symptoms of Diabetes.

  1. Excessive thirst.
  2. Increased sugar level in blood.
  3. Excesive fatigue.
  4. Blurry vision
  5. Frequent urination
  6. Increase in hunger

Home Remedies for Diabetes.

  • Bitter gourd  is one of the amazing home remedies for diabetes as it reduces quantity of sugar from blood. Intake of Bitter gourd in diet help to keep diabetes in check. Drink bitter gourd juice (karele ka juice). Make juice from fresh bitter gourd (karela in Hindi) and and drink atleast 5 grams bitter gourd juice daily. It is difficult for many people to endure the bitterness but that’s where the remedy lies.
  • Alternatively take thin slices of bitter gourd and dry them under shade (or in a drier) so as to retain the nutritional value. Now make fine powder (karele ka churna) by grinding the slices. Swallow 3-6 grams daily with water.
  • Yoghurt, green leafy vegetables, coriander, coconut, cucumber, tomato, radish, lemon, marrow are beneficial for the patients of diabetes.

  • Fenugreek Seed is also used as home remedy for diabetes: Soak crushed Fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Blend it in the morning and drink without straining. Repeat this continuously for two months. This will help to prevent diabetes from increasing.
  • Chewing black berry leaves in initial stages of diabetes is helpful in preventing diabetes from getting worse.
  • India Plum  aka black berry (jamun in hindi ) is very effective in reducing glucose levels. Make a decoction by boiling the ripe fruit in water. Drinking this de-coction can help control diabetes.
  • Alternatively you can dry the seed of black berry (jamun) and make a powder out of it. Take this powder 1 tsp in the morning (empty stomach) and 1 tsp in the evening. It will surely help in controlling diabetes.
  • Black berry seed powder for diabetes : Along with the fruit the seed of the black berry is also an effective home remedy for diabetes. Dry the seeds and make powder out of it. take this powder every morning.
  • Curry Leaves are also used as herbal remedy for diabetes:  Chew 8-10 fresh curry leaves every morning. This will help in controlling diabetes.
  • Powder cinnamon sticks : Eating 1 tsp of cinnamon powder is considered beneficial in diabetes management at home.
  • Take fresh and tender mango leaves. Boil them in water, keep overnight, next day strain and store. Drink this empty stomach daily . This is yet another effective home remedy for diabetes.
  • Garlic is considered good for maintaining sugar levels in diabetic patients. Garlic can be incorporated  in daily diet or Garlic Cloves can also be chewed directly and in raw form.
  • Chewing neem leaves empty stomach in the morning  is another remedy to control diabetes.
  • Bay leaf or Tej Patta has multiple medicinal benefits and it has been used since centuries for treating different diseases and conditions. Bay leaf improves insulin function and thus can be used as a natural remedy for diabetes mellitus. Grind dry bay leaves and sift it to make a very fine powder (tejpatta churna in hindi). Consume this with a glass of lukewarm water every morning. you will see results within 20 days.

A research study was conducted  to determine  if Bay Leaves Improve Glucose and Lipid Profile of People with Type 2 Diabetes. Read the Study In the NCBI website

  • Indian goose berries (Amla), Turmeric (Haldi) and Fenugreek seed  (Methi Dana in Hindi) (all powdered) mixed in equal parts and taken 1 tsp morning, noon and night with a glass of water is one of the most effective diabetes home remedies.
  • Diabetics should take smaller meals in regular intervals instead of taking heavy meal at one time.
These are some simple home remedies for diabetes.
Hope you find this article useful please post your comments and suggestions, we value them.



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