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How To Lose Weight Naturally With Home Remedies

Losing weight is not a miracle that can happen overnight. Prior to every effort that you plan to put into your weight loss regime comes your commitment and discipline towards your aim. It is usually not as easy as stated by various weight loss programs and at the same time it is as easy as making simple changes in your daily routine and eating habitsMarket is flooding with weight loss gadgets and diet pills but still we are not happy with the results we get after using such products. This is because of the blind dependency to get instant results on such lose weight fast products. Although there are good herbal products also that can help u reduce weight but its difficult to differentiate them from scammers. Considering Home remedies to lose weight will not cost you much as most of the ingredients required are already sitting in your kitchen pantry, other benefit of using natural way to lose weight is that it wont lead to any side effects. The secret of weight loss lies in making simple and easy alterations in your diet and life style and not in theses gadgets and diet pills.

home remedies to lose weight

How to start an effective weight loss program 

Before I share the  easiest natural methods to reduce weight let me bring to you the secret of success, these unsaid rules work wonders:

1. Move around.
Don’t keep your body passive. Doing so will increase the amount of calorie that you need to burn out in order to lose weight.

  • Walk up and down the stair cases. Avoid using elevators.
  • Go for a morning walk, go to work walking if there is no time for morning walk.

Watch Your Meals
Don’t fall in the temptation of second serving. Stop eating when you feel you are full and satisfied. There is no need to stuff you tummy.

Include  Healthy Food In Your Diet

  • Consume eatable which are rich in fiber and have low fat in them.
  • Avoid taking crash diet, it may be helpful in instant weight loss but you are more likely to gain the weight back after some time.
  • Increase the intake of fluid and green vegetables in your diet.

Home Remedies for losing weight fast Naturally At Home

Losing weight naturally is not impossible but it requires patience and dedication and requires that you strictly follow your weight loss regime.
Can I lose weight without exercise?
Yes you can lose weight without exercise also by following simple weight loss tips mentioned below. However it is always recommended to do exercise at least thrice a week to lose weight fast.

 Most Effective Natural Methods to Reduce Weight

1. Using Lemon For Weight Loss

Lemon is the most common ingredient of weight loss diet and it is exceptionally effective too. Squeeze half a lemon in one bottle of water drink this water whenever you feel thirsty.The Famous Lemonade diet : It is also called Master Cleanse or maple syrup diet. A lot of celebrities including Beyonce and Megan Fox  have admitted that they use lemonade diet to stay fit and to flush out toxins from their body.

The Complete Convenient Master Cleanse / Lemonade Cleanse To Go Kit

The Lemonade diet is basically a cleanser but it has proven properties that also encourages faster weight loss. The Lemonade diet recipe uses fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, filtered water, cayenne pepper and Sea Salt.

2. Cabbage Juice Diet To Lose Weight Fast

Cabbage Juice Diet: This can work wonders if used properly. Drink cabbage juice it is less in calories and rich in vitamins. You will see the results within a week.

Note: Thyroid patients must not use cabbage diet.

3. Bottle Gourd (Louki) Juice

Bottle Gourd has got good amount of fiber in it. Take it in salad or drink its juice both are equally beneficial. It has all essential minerals, irons and proteins.

Bottle Gourd juice should be taken early in the morning to get the best results.

*CAUTION: Do not drink bottle gourd juice if it tastes bitter, in the year 2018, a lady was admitted to a hospital in the city of Pune India, it was reported that the lady consumed bottle gourd juice after her morning exercise. It was confirmed later that the juice she consumed was bitter which turned out to be fatal for her.

4. Cinnamon Tea for Losing Weight Fast

Drinking cinnamon tea is a well known home remedy to burn that fat, it is inexpensive and does not require any strict diet regime to follow.Ensure that you use only Ceylon Cinnamon for making your weight loss tea. Cassia or any other type of cinnamon will not get you any result.

5.  Use Green Tea  for Losing Weight

Get the best quality green tea for your weight loss program. Green tea has many health benefits out of which one is weight loss. To shed pounds naturally start drinking green tea daily.

To Brew Your fat burner

Take a tea bag and place it in a cup. Add boiling water to it and let it brew for 2 minutes. If the tea is not as strong as you would prefer brew it for another two minutes. It takes maximum 5 minutes of brewing to get the best out of the tea and then you are good to go.

Do not add any sweetener to it as this is meant for burning calories, by adding sweet you will end up adding calories to it which is not what we are wanting to do here. You must drink 4-5 cups daily to get desired results. Drink intermittently through out the day.

You can brew some extra tea for your hair as green tea hair rinse is an excellent stimulator of hair growth

6. Honey and Lemon Drink

The most common home remedy for loosing weight is mixing 2 tsp of honey and juice of one lemon in a glass full of lukewam water. This remedy cannot do any wonder alone but if accompanied with healthy and balanced diet and physically active life style it really works.

7. The HCG Diet

Any diet program that limits your calorie intake will result in weight loss. The HCG diet for Weight Loss focuses  on low calorie intake which is believed to be the primary reason of weight loss, along with the diet plan HCG Hormones are also administered as a part of the HCG diet program.

No matter what remedy you choose, follow the following tips always to enhance the effectiveness of the weight loss remedies

Eat Organic: Replace junk food with organic food in your daily diet.

Limit the intake of sugar Avoid eating chocolates (im sorry gals) and candies.

Lead a stress free life: Depression and stress are also culprits for weight gain. So try to do meditation early in the morning. Give yourself 10 minutes to make a to-do-list for the day, this way you will be able to deal with hectic schedules and your routine will be more organised.

Cook food in vegetable oil instead of butter and ghee.(especially for us Indians)

  • Replace you milk tea with green tea, ginger tea or lemon tea.
  • Make a regular habit of eating 1-2 ripe tomatoes daily. This also helps in losing weight.
  • If you are fond of non-veg prefer chicken and fish over red meat. Go for baked and roasted dishes instead of deep fried recipe.
  • Limit the intake of salty food like bacon and potato chips.
  • Make a habit of eating Salad daily. Include mint leaves, beetroot and tomatoes in your salad. You can play with spices and herbs to jazz up your salads.
  • Eat an apple in the morning and also before meals it will make you feel full and will curb down your desire to eat more. Apple is a good source of fiber, minerals and vitamin. Thus it keeps you healthy and good health is always a key factor in successful completion of any weight loss program.

Say no to these

  • Soda drinks
  • Junk food.
  • Refined food
  • Bunking Meals
  • Stress.

No one can lose weight in 3 days, but if proper weight loss program is chosen and followed, results can be seen within the first week itself.



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