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12 Best Home Remedies For Dandruff Naturally At Home

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Ever Tried Home Remedies as Your Weapon for Combating Dandruff.Home remedies for dandruff are effective, side effect free and economic.Going green and using natural products is trending , then why not try some natural ways to eliminate those nasty flakes.

What is Dandruff  or Flaking/Scurf ?

Dandruff, medically known as  seborrheic dermatitis, or seborrhea, to be more specific seborrhea that occurs on the scalp  is shedding of dead cells from the scalp in form of white flakes. Normal Flaking of dead cells is ok but excessive scaling may damage your hair and it can also lead to pimples and acne on forehead and back.

Dandruff may Lead to moderate to Excessive Hair fall

Dandruff sticks to the scalp and it tends to weaken the roots of hair which further leads to hair fall.
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best home remedies for dandruff

Causes and Remedies for Dandruff

What causes dandruff ?

Poor head hygiene
Excessively dry scalp
Synthetic hair products (shampoos, conditioners, hair gels and sprays)
Intestinal disorders like constipation and indigestion.

12 Best Natural Remedies for Dandruff

1. Coconut Oil

The first and most widely used home remedy for dandruff is coconut oil. Warm the coconut oil and massage your scalp with this oil. keep it for atleast 12 hours and then rub the scalp gently with fingers or brush.

Sounds very simple right? The logic behind is very simple, Coconut oil is very hydrating in nature which immediately starts correcting the dry/ flaky scalp. This helps in reducing the dandruff from very first application.

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2. Fenugreek Seed

Packed with plenty of medicinal properties Fenugreek seed is also known for its anti-fungal properties that helps in combating dandruff. Soak fenugreek seed in water overnight and grind it in the morning to make a paste. Apply this paste on the scalp . This fenugreek seed pack can also be mixed with yogurt and applied on scalp for better results.

get rid of dandruff naturally

3. Aloe vera Gel 

Aloe vera gel and juice both work great for hair. It is used in many skin care and hair care products. Aloevera gel makes a perfect  home remedy for dandruff. This gel is also used in many anti dandruff shampoos. Take aloevera gel and spread it in your palms, now rub the gel gently on your scalp. Shampoo your hair after keeping it for almost 15-20 min. Smooth and silky hair comes as a bonus with this remedy.

4. The acidic Lemon juice 

As  lemon juice is purely acidic in nature it removes all the impurities and particles from the scalp. But it can be a little harsh on the skin to apply it without diluting the juice. Mix the juice with olive oil and apply all over the scalp. Olive Oils helps in rejuvenating the scalp by getting rid of the damage caused due to the dandruff. Lemon juice and Olive oil makes a perfect combination for dandruff free and healthy hair.

5. Eggs works Amazingly

Eggs are full with vitamins, Proteins and fatty acids which helps is removing scurf and replenishing the nutrients in the scalp. Eggs can also be used to treat dandruff. Take 2 eggs, beat them and mix with lukewarm water (caution: we do not want to poach the egg so take slightly lukewarm water just to break the chill). Apply this on the head (scalp and hair both). wash it off when it dries.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment for Dandruff  

The anti fungal properties of apple cider vinegar makes it one of the best natural treatments for dandruff. Mix equal part of warm water with equal part of apple cider vinegar. Spay this mixture on your scalp and hair. Leave it for 15 mins and rinse it off. Be careful while spraying the mixture. It should not enter your ears or eyes. This is one of the best home remedies for dandruff

7. Yogurt a Natural Remedy

This is probably the simplest to do and cheapest of all dandruff home remedies. Apply the yogurt, leave it for 20-30 min and then wash it off. Do not let the yogurt dry out completely as it will make you hair dry. If you are using frozen yogurt then you must bring it to room temperature before applying on the scalp.

8. Brandy : Booze that Scurf

Just as beer makes a good homemade hair conditioner brandy makes a good home remedy for dandruff. Dampen a cotton ball with brandy and apply it on the scalp. Massage the scalp gently and rinse.

9.  Thyme concoction for dandruff

Boil 4 tsp of thyme with 2 cups of water for 10 mins. Strain it and massage the head with this concoction. You can also use this as a final rinse after shampoo for wonderful smell and texture for hair.

10.The Camphor (Kaphoor in Hindi) Remedy

Camphor .mixed with coconut oil is helpful in getting snow free hair without hassles. Massage thrice in a week and see he results in form of dandruff free and lustrous hair. Those allergic to strong smell should avoid using this remedy.

11. Oils for dandruff 

Oil massage is the best way to pamper your tresses. Some of the oils  that  can be used for massaging the scalp during your anti dandruff regime are Olive oil, Coconut oil,  almond oil, Neem oil with few drops of essential oils like Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile essential oil etc.

12. Neem Oil (Indian Lilac Oil) and Paste for Dandruff

Neem is used for treating a variety of ailments in Ayurveda. It has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and it is used in various health and beauty products like shampoo, face-pack, tooth-paste, soap, face wash etc.
Neem can be employed to treat dandruff both in form of oil and paste. The scalp becomes dry and itchy due to dandruff, Neem oil can relieve you from this problem. Just massage your scalp with Neem oil and the redness and itching along with dandruff will go away.
Make paste by grinding fresh Neem leaves and apply it on the scalp. Leave it on for 15-20 mins and rinse off. If you find the smell too strong to tolerate you can shampoo your hair after rinsing away the neem paste.

The Do’s To Have Dandruff Free Hair

  • Keep your scalp and hair clean. Wash them atleast twice a week.
  • Cover your head with a scarf while going out to keep it safe from dirt, smoke and harmful sun rays.
  • Dry scalp is a common cause of dandruff. Take oil massage on your head atleast once in a week.
  • Limit the use of harsh chemical based hair styling products like hair styling gels and sprays.
  • Use herbal shampoo instead of chemical based shampoo considering the texture and type of your hair.
  • Dandruff on face can lead to acne problems. If you are suffering from dandruff then keep your hair off your face and forehead.
  • If you are suffering form excessive dandruff problem then you also need to cut down on oily and spicy food to get rid of scurf.

Home remedies for dandruff treatment can be clubbed with use of some good anti dandruff products. But try choose herbal products and limit the use of chemicals on 



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