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How to Stop Snoring Naturally with Simple Home Remedies

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how to stop snoring naturally

How Does Snoring Occur? This question hits the mind of every person whose sleeping partner snores….

Stertor as termed medically is the unpleasant sound that one makes when he/she breathes while sleeping. This is commonly known as snoring. It is caused due to the vibration of respiratory structures that are in relaxed/collapsed state while sleeping. These respiratory structures are mainly the uvula and the soft palate (back of the roof of mouth). The vibration in respiratory structure is due to the blockage in the airway which causes obstruction in the air movement.

It’s actually pretty simple. There is always some kind of obstruction in the breathing passages that cause snoring. The airflow in the breathing passage automatically becomes irregular if there is any blockade there.

As the airflow becomes irregular, the soft tissues in the breathing passage will start to flap, making the irritating snoring sound.

how to stop snoring naturally

The noise really gets loud when the soft palate (soft part at the back of the upper part of the mouth) begins to flap around. This most often happens when the soft palate is weak (not too big like most people claim).

It can be very complicated to cure snoring despite the fact, it only has one main cause. The reason is that the blockade vary so much. And what’s worse, most people have more than one type of block, causing their snoring.

How to Stop Snoring Naturally With Home Remedies

A person who snores may have several other issues which are side effects of snoring like, choking / gasping while sleeping, irritability, depression etc. Snoring also affect the partners of the snorers, if sleeping in same room. No wonder there are 100’s  of divorce petition filed every year on grounds on the spouse being a loud snorer. I you and your partner are being affected due to snoring, try these home remedies to stop snoring.

Sleep On Sides

  • While sleeping on back our tongue tends to fall back towards the throat and thus creates obstruction in the airway which results in snoring. The sufferer should lay on his/her sides instead of resting on back.

Keep Head Elevated

  • Elevating the head of the bed and taking pillows also facilitate the right posture that helps in minimizing the snoring problem.

Avoid Smocking and Alcohol

  • Smoking is not only hazardous for our overall health but it also adds to the snoring trouble as it aggravates the tissues of the throat. So quit smoking and let your partner sleep well.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or coffee immediately before going to bed. Alcohol usually acts as a relaxant as a result of which it may relax the tongue and throat and add to the problem of snoring

Reduce Body Weight

  • Lose some weight if you are too bulky and overweight. The fatty tissue of your neck also causes blockage in the airway. This is probably the most effective remedy to stop snoring.

Avoid Drugs

  • Do not make a habit of taking sleeping pills. Do some sports activities during day instead, to keep yourself healthy and fit.
  • Avoid taking sleeping pills and tranquilizers, sleeping pills, before going to bed. Alcohol and heavy dinner should also be consumed at least four hours before bedtime.

Use Stop Snoring Products

  • You can also use nasal strips if you suffer from severe snoring problem. A stop snore pillow may also help. There several products available in the market that can help getting rod of snoring.

Get Yourself Checked

To treat snoring you first need to detect the very cause of it. Obesity is one of the most common causes of snoring.

  • Try to get chronic allergies treated,  if you have any.
  • Get checked for Sinus related problems, digestive disorder and Chest Cold, if you have any of these problems you are very likely to snore.
  • If nothing works for you then see an ENT specialist. there are variety of treatments available to fix the snoring problem.

Yoga And Exercises

  • Do jaw exercises that helps to stop snoring. There are several mouth  exercises that will help in alleviating snoring problems, but you must always consult an expert before starting any exercise routine. Doing certain yoga poses and Pranayams can be a natural solution to snoring problem.

It is important for everyone who snores to fix the snoring problem as it may lead to other health issues as well. There are clinics that offer special program to help people stoop snoring, then there are home remedies that are always available to everyone. Anti snore products like nasal strips, pillow, snore bands, Oral Appliances all are meant to help you stop snoring without going heavy on medicines, take help of these remedies and cope with your snoring problem.

Anti Snore Devices That Can Help

1 Snore free nose clip. These nose clips are non toxic and odorless hence they do not create any unpleasantness in breathing. The magnets inside the nose clip help open the nasal passage which helps prevent snoring.

2. Anti Snoring Chin Strap: The straps are made with soft breathable fabric like neoprene. The strap supports the chin and keeps the mouth closed while sleeping. There has always been a mixed review about the effectiveness of chin straps. You can give it a try and they affordable.

3. Anti Snore Pillows: These pillows correct the position of the neck while asleep.



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