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Home Remedies to deal with Insomnia without Using Medicines

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Sleep Sound with Home Remedies for Insomnia

Insomnia or sleeplessness is generally defined as difficulty in maintaining proper quality an quantity of sleep.

Causes of insomnia 

Reasons behind sleeplessness can be emotional factors like depression, anxiety and stress etc.. or it can also result from irregular life style like working in swing shifts.
there are certain physical factors also that may leave you with sleepless nights like harmonal changes.

Apple May find you a way to combat insomnia

Among various health benefits of Apple is the fact that it  is a  good home remedy for treatment of Insomnia. If you find it difficult to fall asleep or your sleep gets interrupted at midnight leaving you awake till morning then eating apple preserve can help you get your sleep back. 

Eat 1 preserved apple (seb ka murabba) before going to bed at night with 1 cup of milk. Do this daily for 15 days, and you will see he difference.
Please Note:  the apple preserve should be made with ripe and sweet apple.

Honey a traditional remedy for Insomnia

Honey has been used as a home remedy for treating sleeping disorders since ages.  If you are having difficulty falling asleep try to take 2 tsp of honey a bedtime. Honey reduces stress hormone and promotes production of melatonin, a hormone that is used for addressing sleeping disorders like Insomnia.

Go to bed only when you are feeling sleepy.

If its more than 15 mins of trying and still unable to sleep, just get up and read any article or book. Dont pick up your favorite book as it may engross you.
when you start feeling sleepy then only go to bed.

Dont consume any stimulant before going to bed.

Coffee, chocolates and colas contain caffeine which is very good stimulant and is capable enough to keep you awake thus elevating sleeplessness.

Spend some time with yourself before going to bed .

Always give yourself quiete time to think about what all happened during the day, plan out tomorrows activities.

Go for evening walk or hop for sometime.

An evening walk or moderate exercise is very refreshing. Apart from this hopping or evening walk increases your body temeperature and when after sometime when this temperature falls it may induce sleep.

Use Mechanical Aids for treating Insomnia .

You can use earplugs to refrain the disturbing sounds of traffic or tv etc from distracting your sleep.
Use eyeshades to block the view of unwanted lights.
Use electric blanket to keep yourself warm if you suffer from cold very often.

Rest your mind.

Stop thinking about everything, your day to day activities or any of your problems while sleeping. Keep your mind completely relaxed and calm.
Play soft and soothing music, mind that the music is not too distracting or peppy.

Create good sleeping environment.

Dont bring your office or hobbies in your bed. keep your bedroom clean and fresh.

these simple yet effective home remedies will surely help you get rid of insomnia and sleepless  nights



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