Hair Color Tips

Hair Coloring Tips

Hair coloring has brought a new storm in the beauty and fashion arena. Coloring your hair can change our entire look making you appear more stylish and uber trendy. But wait its not every one cup of tea to get the best out of this new hair coloring thing. Choosing the right color shade is the utmost DO. There are a variety of shades available to color your hair but not all will suit you. It is better advised to take expert help before choosing hair color shade, brand and technique.

How too choose the right hair color shade?

The answers is with you as you only know for what occasion your are coloring you hair

  1. If going for sporty, funky bash you are free to chose any vibrant color shade blues and reds and even purple.
  2. If you are working woman than you should probably go for darker shades of brown
  3. If you study in college and want to carry a decent yet stylish looks you can choose highlights of blonde.
No matter what color you choose but coloring your hair put them to risk if not done properly and carefully.

Here i share some common yet useful tips for hair coloring.

Hair Coloring Tips: Before coloring your hair

Shampoo your hair properly. If hair is dirty the color will not reach your hair.

If you have applied henna than wait till the hair looses the color of henna.

If you want any hair treatment done than keep a gap of minimum 20 days between the coloring and the treatment. Doing both the things simultaneously will increase the pressure of chemicals on you hair and scalp.

Do not color your hair if you suffer from any kind of scalp allergy or irritations.

If you are undergoing any treatment for allergies than wait till the course of treatment is complete.

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Hair Coloring Tips: After coloring your hair

once you get you hair colored then its becomes mandatory to take care of it .

Take hair spa once in every 20 days.

Oil you hair and scalp once in a week.

Trim your hair from time to time to avoid split ends.

Use color protective shampoo to prevent early discoloration of hair.

Use serum that suits your hair type. (take guidance from your beauty expert)

Do not use hair dryers.

Get root touch up done on your hair.

Try to use organic and branded hair colors.

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