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Useful Tips For Healthy Fingernails

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useful tips for healthy fingernails

We try out almost every possible way to attain  a sculpted body and undergo a bunch of cosmetic treatment to become as gorgeous as the silver screen divas. Sadly most of us ignore the part which is as important as our face or figure i.e our fingernails. Fingernails can be used as proof to determine the nutritional state of our body. There are certain tests that can be conducted to find out the nutritional state by measuring the hardness of nails. There are several useful tips for healthy fingernails that can be incorporated in our day to day life. Nail health should not be ignored, keeping fingernails healthy is equally important.

There are many ways through which we can beautify our fingernails, like applying nail arts, nail polish, false fingernails etc. but the actual beauty lies in being natural. We must try to keep our nails naturally beautiful. Good nail habits and healthy diet is where your quest ends.
Protein is one of the most important nutrient for keeping our fingernails healthy as our fingernails are made up of tissues that are almost pure protein. Along with regular balanced diet there are a lot of external treatments also that we can perform on our fingernails in order to keep our nails healthy and beautiful.

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Some Useful Tips For Healthy Fingernails

Nails are the mirror of ones overall health. By practicing healthy lifestyle habits and taking proper nail care you can het healthy fingernail. Here are some important tips to get healthy fingernails:

  1. Clean your nails daily and keep them dry. Trim your nails regularly. If you have ridges on fingernail try to buff them gently. Clip your nails across and file them properly. Rough, uneven nails can be smoothened using a nail filer. Shape your nails and keep them snag free.Many people have a habit of using nails as tools.  Do not use you nails as a scraper or a can opener.
    Apply cuticle oil with anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties. Cuticle oil application will bless your nails with healthy cuticles around your nails. Clip your toenail regularly. Wear shoes with proper fit. Long toenails may get hurt while you are in shoes for too long. Use nail clippers that are specifically made for toes nails.
  2. Do not bite your nails. Biting nails can lead to stomach infection, nail bed injury and even nail infection.
  3. Thick and crumbling nails can be a result of fungal infection, injuries due to pressure from shoes or some underlying health condition like Diabetes, Psoriasis etc. Clipping such nails should be preferably done by professionals. While doing it at home soak your nail in warm water for 15-20 minutes before clipping them.
  4. Eat a healthy balanced diet to get healthy nail and hair.

Any serious noticeable changes in the appearance of the nail should never be ignored. If you see crippling, crumbling, infection etc. on your nail seek immediate medical attention. Ridges in fingernails can also be a cause of some serious underlying illness. Keeping a check on your nail health is important.



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