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Diabetes Diet and Food tips | Food To Avoid And Include

Diet and Food Tips for Diabetes

First of all if you are a diabetes patient the first thing you should do is to consult a doctor. You should strictly follow the guideline given by your doctor and should also take dietary precautions for diabetes as directed.
Diet plays a major role in treatment of diabetes and hence it should never be taken lightly or carelessly. Dietary precaution and changes in diabetes aim to control diabetes thus a patient should abide by the guidelines provided by the doctor and dietitian. Patient may be required to make even drastic changes in diet and lifestyle but its all for good and worth it.

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A simple guideline for a good Diabetes Diet will be eating the healthiest food in moderate amounts following a schedule that focuses on eating smaller meals at regular interval.

Why Do You Need A Diabetes Diet Plan

If you are diagnosed as a diabetic or even prediabetic for that matter, your doctor will refer you to a dietitian to get a detailed diet plan that focuses on encouraging healthy eating habits and routine keeping your sugar levels in consideration.

The whole purpose of a Diabetes Diet Plan is to keep your sugar levels within normal range. If you continue to eat carbohydrates and fats in large quantities it will result in excess calorie intake and your body will definitely suffer elevation in glucose levels. The glucose levels have to be kept in check, failing to do so may lead to high blood glucose level (hyperglycemia).

You can keep your glucose level in normal range by making healthy food choices and adopting good eating habits.

Food and Diet Tips for Diabetes

What to eat to beat Diabetes? (Do’s for Diabetics)

Bitter-gourd (karela): It contains plant insulin which is very good for lowering blood sugar.
It can be taken in form of vegetable and also as a  juice. It is considered as one of the best food for diabetics.

Flaxseed (alsi in Hindi): It is very good source of essential fatty acid (Omega-3) and has also got hight content of soluble fiber.

Food rich in soluble fiber are good food for diatetics: Potatoes, onions, legumes, Broccoli, Carrots, Barley, prunes, Apples, Oats. There many benefits of  taking soluble fiber it lowers cholesterol, checks constipation,  encourages release and production of pancreatic enzyme, maintains insulin functions.

recipe for diabetes
Cinnamon: This sweet spice has many proven incidences of reducing blood sugar levels thus helping in controlling diabetes. It can be taken in beverages like tea and coffee, add it to cereals like oats and also in desserts like apple and banana puddings. You can also take it in form of capsules. 

Fenugreek seed (methi): They Contain amino acids (4-hydroxyisoleucine ). which stimulates the secretion of insulin from pancreas. Fenugreek seeds also helps in reducing cholesterol.

Fruits Permitted For A Diabetic : Fruits provide Carbohydrates and are also a good source of Vitamin C. Following Fruits are allowed:



Sweet lime





Water Melon




Vegetables That Are Allowed

Root Vegetables like Carrots, Radish, Onion and Turnip provide very few calories and can be taken.

Leafy Vegetables : Low calorie Leafy vegetables like spinach and Cabbage can be eaten freely.

Vegetable Salad : Cucumber, Lettuce, Onio, Tomatoes etc. can be taken liberally as salad.

Salad Dressing : Vinegar, Pepper, Mustard and Lemon Juice can be uses to make salad dressing.

Meat Fish Chicken : Lean portions can be taken in moderation as they supply Protein. Avoid Fatty portions.

Eggs : Eggs are excellent food , diabetes patients can take boiled and poached eggs. Avoid frying Eggs in a lot of oil or butter.

Food To Avoid In Diabetes

  • Limit the consumption of animal products like cheese, poultry with skin, ice cream and red meat etc.
  • Avoid eating fried and salty snacks like chips and wafers.
  • Don’t eat highly processed food as they are low in fiber content.
  • Don’t drink sugar based beverages replace them with green tea(also add cinnamon to it).
  • Don’t eat food prepared with white flour choose whole grains instead.
  • Consider the above do’s and dont’s in your daily diet for diabetes, this definitely will ensure that you don’t  raise your sugar levels.
  • Jam And Murabba : These are best to be avoided by a Diabetes patient
  • Pastries and Biscuits : All pastries should be avoided due to variable content of sugar and fat.

Fruits To Be Avoided In Diabetes



Dried Fruits : Dried fruits are not permitted due to high saturation of sugar.


Root vegetables like Sweet Potatoes and Potatoes should be avoided
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