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How to Get Clear Glowing Skin Naturally At Home : 9 Best Homemade Face Mask Recipes

how to get clear glowing skin naturally

Naturally glowing skin is a blessing. We always wonder How to get Clear glowing skin naturally  and we try our best to achieve it. Ladies spend a lot of money in buying expensive beauty products to get spotless, crystal clear and glowing skin and look beautiful. Well there is no harm in buying good stuff from the market   if it brings satisfactory results. The catch is to have correct knowledge about what your skin needs and what we are giving it. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body and it provides protection to all the organs. Our skin goes through a lot everyday, scorching sun, the harmful rays, the toxins present in the environment and the dust and dirt that settles down on the surface of your skin each time you step out of your abode, all these factors takes a toll on your skin. You cannot control all these attackers. what you can do to get clear and glowing skin naturally without exposing your skin to the chemical compounds and parabens is that you can ensure the following lifestyle changes in your daily routine

  • Feed your skin well with essential nutrients
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle
  • Keep your face clean
  • Avoid excessive use of harsh chemical products
  • and last but not the least is remove your make-up before retiring.

These are the basics to get healthy radiant skin apart from this you can pamper your skin with homemade beauty products which are prepared with natural ingredients, the recipes are usually chemical, inexpensive and are loaded with antioxidants and other important nutrients that blesses you with clear and glowing skin.

How To Get Clear Glowing Skin Naturally With Home Remedies

There are a lot of factors that effect the health of your skin for eg:

  • Are you taking improper diet
  • Do you have proper sleep
  • Do you eat in odd times
  • Is your digestive system working properly
  • Are you stressed
  • Are you constipated
If you answer in Yes to all the above questions then you are sure to be deprived of clear and glowing skin.
The damage that all these conditions cause to your skin cannot be mended with the use of beauty products but by addressing all these issues.

The solution to all your skin problems lies in your kitchen, I bet, if  you start making face packs from kitchen ingredients, you will finally have a shelf full of your homemade beauty products which will certainly beat the count of those sophisticated expensive chemical products.

Top 3 Natural Face Masks To Get Crystal Clear Skin

#1 Aloevera Gel Face Mask

Apply fresh Aloevera gel on your face . You can plant aloevera at home and take out the gel from its leaves, or it can also be bought from any herbal store.

aloevera for glowing skin

#2 Chicpea Flour and Turmeric mask

This is a very basic homemade ubtan that is used by a lot of women and is a gentle cleansing mask, turmeric adds the benefit of its antibacterial properties. Make a pack by mixing chicpea flour (besan), curd (dahi) and turmeric powder (haldi) with rosewater and apply it on your face, keep for 10 mins and then wash off. This pack can be used twice a week. And in the second week you will see the difference. 

Mix sandalwood powder with rosewater and raw milk apply this once in two days.

 Drink lots of water and get a good amount of sleep. Follow a routine exercise regime at least thrice a week and eat lots of green vegetables. This will help you avoid pimples and acne thus giving you a  flawless clear skin naturally at home.

Massage your face with raw milk in upward motion. 

Mix fresh cream with turmeric powder (just about a pinch) and a few drops of olive oil. Apply this on face and keep for 15 mins. This pack is very good to make dry skin into smooth and glowing skin.

#3 Tomato for Natural Glowing skin: 

tomato for glowing skin

Tomato is well known for its anti-ageing and sunscreen properties. Lycopene is an antioxidant which is present in tomato and instead of spending your hard earned money on various cosmetics you can get that flawless skin  by using just  tomatoes. Eat them fresh or apply its paste on face you are sure to get rid of skin problems like sunburn, redness, open pores, acne etc. No doubt tomatoes are good for skin but before consuming them raw you must consult a dietitian to gethe right amount of tomatoes that you must consume  daily. Tomatoes help in tan removal as well as they also fade the spots making your skin flawless.

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The best products that can give you healthy skin are the fruits from the season. The fruits have all the nutrition that your skin need to be fed with. Slice it up and place or massage the pulp fruits will bestow that ever longed radiance to your skin.

How to Get Clear And Glowing Skin Naturally At Home

#1 Cucumber Mask For Fresh Glow

Cucumber has properties that can give fresh, glowing  clear skin : Grate a Cucumber and squeeze to take out the juice apply it to the face, keep for 15 minutes then wash off well. Likewise, Juice of potato and carrots can also be applied on oily skin.

#2 Cranberries Tan Removal Mask For Clear Skin

To fade tan, crush a handful of cranberries and extract the juice from it. Apply this potent juice of fresh cranberries all over the face and neck, for better results apply it at night and rinse off in the morning. Repeat this application for several days to get desired results. You will discover a clear, glowing skin after few days.

#3 Mustard Powder Face Mask for Naturally Glowing Skin

Take 1/2 tsp of mustard seed powder, 1 tsp of  Bengal gram flour ( besan ) and 1 tsp of peanut oil. Mix all these ingredients to make a paste, now apply this paste and keep if till the face mask dries up. Rinse your face once dry. This homemade Mustard face mask not only gives radiance and glow to the skin but it also brightens the complexion. On application mild itching might happen which is normal, but if the skin feels burning sensation after applying this  mustard face pack just wash your face immediately.

#4 Orange Peel Powder Skin Brightening Mask

Mix Orange peel powder and Besan (chikpea flour) with rosewater and gently scrub your face this will exfoliate the skin leaving it smooth and clean. Orange peel will naturally exfoliate the skin, it contains fairly good amount of citric acid and thus it acts as a natural bleach, it will help fade the spots and lighten the skin tone. Thus leaving you a spotless glowing skin.

For dry skin, make the orange peel mask with yogurt. Just mix both the ingredients and apply on the face and neck, wash after 10 miss and enjoy the fresh glow. This mask can also be used to fade away the black patches on the neck. You can buy Orange Peel powder online or just make it at home.

#5 Anti Blemish Papaya Mask For Clear Skin

It is believed that the enzyme named Papain which gives papaya its name has rejuvenating, exfoliating and hydrating properties which makes papaya an excellently effective anti ageing skin product. Mash the pulp of ripe Papaya and apply it on the face, this will fade away the marks as well as it also brightens the skin.

#6 Apricot Face Pack

Soak Apricots overnight, in the morning make a paste by mixing it with olive oil (few drops), apply it on the face, leave for 15 mins then wash off. This mask is a good cleanser and moisturizer, it also removes dead cells from skin surface. This gives you clear and glowing skin  naturally at home.

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I hope this article helps you to understand how to get clear and glowing skin at home using home remedies. Your suggestions and comments are valuable for us please post your comments and suggestions below.



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