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Home Made Facial Exfoliator / Scrub recipe

Homemade Face Exfoliator Recipe for Clean and Clear Skin

Homemade scrubs for exfoliating the face are the best way to exfoliate your skin without exposing it to the chemicals. Facial scrubs gently removes the dead cells from the surface of the skin they also remove dirt and impurities settled on the skin due to pollution. There many facial scrubs available in the market, among all facial scrubs apricot scrub is most popular. Apricot facial scrub is easily available in shops as well as they can be bought online also.

The best and economical option that is safe and side effect free is homemade facial scrub here are a few video tutorials of making homemade facial exfoliator.

Home Made Lemon and Sugar Facial Scrub.

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How to Make Homemade Facial Scrubs : How to Make Homemade Sugar Scrubs
Sugar is the best ingredient to make a facial exfoliator at home. There are variety of sugar scrub recipes that can be used to make both body scrub as well as facial scrub.Here is how you can make a quick and simple homemade sugar scrub.

The Classic Sugar Exfoliator for face

To make your homemade sugar scrub take your jar and fill it all the way up with sugar (for this recipe use granulated sugar).

Pour in some baby oil, you can also use grape-seed oil or olive oil as a replacement for baby oil to make your sugar face exfoliator.
Allow the oil to seep in and then pour in again. Do this till your sugar is completely soaked in the oil. Now its the time to add in your Vitamin E.
Vitamin E has several different uses out which one is for beautifying your skin. It make your skin soft and smooth and thus it is used in various beauty products as a main ingredient. For this sugar exfoliator recipe you can use a Vitamin E capsule directly as the recipe already has oil in it just prick the capsule and squeez out the content straight into your jar, don’t hesitate to use Vtiamin E oil if you have it handy.
Finally add in your lemon essential oil, just a few drops. Give it all a good stir and your are ready to try out your homemade facial exfoliator. Close the jar and store in cool and dry place (away from sunlight).

How To Apply:
Apply this scrub twice in a week. Using it more often will leave your pores clogged as it has oil in it. Twice in a week shall be a good frequency to keep your skin clean and  exfoliated

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