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How To Do Manicure At Home – DIY Step By Step Tutorial

How to do Manicure at Home Step by Step Guide

Manicure / pedicure is my way of pampering myself and enjoying my me time. You can get the best of salons offering world class manicure treatments once you step out of your home there is a wide range from French Manicure to Gellac, Shellac and all that trendy stuff that take a big chunk out of your wallet in the course of a year, but doing it the DIY way is what I feel is the best approach. Manicure can be done easily and comfortably at home, all that you will need is a good manicure kit and some time and space for yourself. Once you manage to get both these requirements fulfilled you are go to go.

Things you will need to do a basic manicure at home

1. Nail Polish remover
2. Cotton balls
3. Cuticle Cutter, Orange stick
4. Cuticle pusher
5. Shampoo or liquid soap (gentle)
6. Towel
7. Nail buffer
8. Scrub
9. Cuticle Cream
10. Hand lotion or moisturizer.
11. Nail filer
12. Tan Pack or any other pack of your choice.

 Vega Manicure Kit Set of 8 Tools

Steps to do Manicure at home

1. Remove The Nail Polish

Dampen the cotton balls with nail paint remover and remove the nail polish.  Ensure that the nail paint is completely removed and your nails look clean.

2. Work Your Nails

Clip your  nails if required, you will want to soak them if you feel your nails are too brittle and hard. With the help of a mild emery file shape them as you desire a round edge is the most simple and elegant style.
how to do manicure at home

3. Apply A Cuticle Cream

Take the cuticle cream and apply the cream on your cuticles and massage gently for a minute or two. We generally tend to ignore our cuticles. but did you know that peeled cuticles can also get infected? Many of us sometimes try to cut the cuticles which can be dangerous, avoid doing that. All you can do is gently push the cuticle backwards.

4. Soak Them

Take lukewarm water and add shampoo or liquid soap to it.
 Now  immerse your hand in this water and let them soak for 10 mins this is the best part, plug in your favorite music and relax.
5. Remove the excess cuticle and callouses
Remove your hands from  the water and push the nail cuticles backwards using an orange stick or cuticle pusher. Be careful while doing this as you can hurt your skin around the nails. Gently try to remove the hardened dead skin, and push it to give proper shape.
If required cut the cuticles gentrly with the help of a cuticle cutter.You need to be careful while cutting the cuticles, else you will end up injuring yourself.

6. Clean Your Nails And Scrub

Now take out the remaining dirt from the nails using an orange stick.
Once cleaned, take sufficient scrub in your palms and apply it on both the hands. Gently scrub your hands for about 2-3 mins.
Now you can wash your hands. Pat dry your hands with towel. Try our homemade scrub recipes to make your own scrub for rejuvenation and exfoliation of your hands.

7. Apply The Pack

Smear the pack (of your choice) all over your hands. Let the pack dry out completely then rinse it off.
Make your homemade tan pack for hands

Homemade Tan Removal Pack For Hands

Tanning is among the most common problems that our hands face. There are many Anti -Tan packs specifically formulated for hands out there in the market, but if you are into DIYs you can try making one at home as well.

Honey and Papaya Tan Removal Pack

Ingredients : Papaya Pulp 2 tbsp

Honey 1 tsp


Take the pulp of ripe papaya fruit
Mash it till its smooth
Mix the papaya pulp with Honey
Blend the ingredients and apply on  the hands
Massage for 2-3 minutes and they let it dry
Rinse off

Rice Flour Anti-Tan Pack For Hands

Ingredients: Rice Flour – 2tbsp
                       Tomato Juice – 3 tbsp
                       Turmeric Powder – 1/4th tsp
Methods: Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth paste. Apply this tan removal pack to your hands and leave till the pack dries.
Wash it off and pat dry
Use moisturizer to replenish the moisture of your hands, dehydration leads to chapping and aging of skin so it its better adviced to keep yourself well hydrated primarily by drinking enough water and then by  moisturizing it by applying a good moisturizer. You can also try homemade hand lotion to keep your hands smooth ans soft naturally.
You are Done. This completes your basic manicure.

Now you can buff you nails and / or apply nail polish.

This is how you do a basic manicure at home. You can do shellac manicure at home. Read NBHR ‘s tutorial to do  shellac manicure at home.






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