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How to keep you fingernails Healthy and Strong

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how to keep fingernails healthy
FINGERNAILS can reveal a lot of information about a person’s overall health. Nails of a healthy person have a peachy pink nail bed. Fingernails also protect the nerves of the nail bed. If a person is suffering from any health problem or any kind of deficiency the fingernails will reflect it. Maintaining healthy fingernails is not very difficult but like any other part of our body our fingernails also require to be pampered and taken care of.
Take a close look at your nails do they look peachy pink and smooth or do they have bumps, dents, ridges, white spots ? Yes all these are the most common problems of fingernails. Any change in the appearance, texture, color of you nails can provide clues about your inner health. Thus such changes in the appearance of fingernails should be given immediate attention. Proper nail care and healthy diet is the best way to avoid these undesirable nail conditions. Keeping a check on nutritional deficiencies will also help in keeping fingernails healthy and strong.

how to keep fingernails healthy

 Keeping your Fingernails Healthy

Don’t be Harsh On Your Nails

Detergents and other harsh chemicals that come in contact with our nails during various household activities can damage our nails. Always try to wear gloves while doing house hold work.

Check the ingredients while buying a cleaning product, buy the ones with least amount of chemicals. There are many herbal and organic and non toxic dish detergents available in the market you can try these to minimize the exposure of your nails to the toxins.

Moisturize the fingernails

Dry and brittle nails tend to crack and break easily. Use a good moisturizer after washing your hands. You may also use herbal or homemade hand cream for better results. You can use any moisturizing cream or you can also massage the nails with jojoba oil  especially after exposure of fingernails to water. There are two ways of moisturizing fingernails first is by applying moisturizer (ointment or cream) and the second way is by soaking the nails in natural oils.

Vitamin E Nail And Cuticle Oil

Trim and File the fingernails

Trim and file your nails from time to time. This can be done after bath so that the nails are soft. If you have very thick nails then you can soak the nails for few minutes before filing them (do not soak the nails in soap water).

 Massage your fingernails

Use nail and/or cuticle oils to massage your nail so that they remain soft and well moisturized. natural oils like olive oil and castor oil are good for keeping  fingernails healthy.

Be careful while choosing your nail paint

Do not buy cheap nail polish as they may leave your nails pale and dull. There are many good brands that offer chip proof nail polish, strengthening nail polish etc. Always apply a base coat before applying colored nail polish. Apply moisturizer to the fingernails after using any nail polish remover.

Take proper diet

Diet plays a significant role in keeping the finger nails healthy. Ensure that you take good amount of vitamin in your daily diet. Drinking carrot juice makes the nails strong. A well rounded diet i.e a diet comprising of all the vital nutrients will not only result in  healthy nails but will also help you attain a state of overall good health.

Do not cut the cuticle

Cuticle gives protection from fungus and bacteria so do not remove them. Apply cuticle oil and then gently push back the cuticles to make them look tidy. Use orange wood stick instead of using metal.

Get a Manicure

A weekly manicure is suggested for a healthy nail care regime. If you find a salon manicure too heavy for your pocket you can do manicure at home also. Get a step by step tutorial on how to do a basic manicure  yourself or you can also treat your nails with a shellac manicure by following this DIY Shellac Nails Tutorial

Keep your fingernails dry and clean

Moisture in the nails will provide and ideal environment for the bacteria to thrive. If you work in water for long hours don’t forget to wear the gloves as much as possible. Avoid cleaning dishes and utensils with bare hands, wear gloves instead. Keeping fingernails in water for too long will also result in weak and broken fingernails.

Diet to keep Fingernails Healthy

To keep fingernails healthy following food must be incorporated in diet

Eat Protein rich food

Deficiency of protein may lead to hard and brittle nails. Eggs, chicken, meat are good sources of protein however these foods must be avoided if suffering from high cholesterol levels.

Eat lots of fruit and fresh vegetables daily

A healthy diet must contain fair amount of fruit and vegetable in it. Fruit and vegetables like apples, cucumber, asparagus etc. make good diet for healthy fingernails
Vitamin B is said to be helpful in keeping good fingernails health.
Consume food with antioxidant properties like blue berries, pineapples, oranges, squash etc.
Calcium and zinc are also vital nutrients for healthy fingernails. Deficiency of zinc is a cause of white spots on fingernails.

What Not To Do With Your Nails

Do not bite your fingernails
Avoid using harsh chemical based nail care products
Don’t pull off your cracked/broken nails instead clip it and cover with band aid and let it grow out
Do not ignore any visible change in the appearance of your nails
Do not pull off hangnails, you may damage a live tissue
Do not use your nails as a tool to scratch things



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