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How to Pop a Pimple

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How to pop a Pimple: Popping a pimple properly

Popping a pimple at home is something which is not recommended, first preference should be to avoid popping the zits and leave the healing process to take place naturally. I am pretty sure that even after reading the above line you are still going to pop the pimple any way so here are the steps for How to pop a pimple- the right way.

How to pop a pimple step by step

  • Choose the pimple which is ready to be popped (the pimples that are at the surface and are totally white are ready to be popped).
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and also clean the fingernails properly. Cover your finger and fingertips with toilet paper.
  •  Disinfect a needle that you will be using to pop the zit for this keep the needle in the flame of a lighter and then let it cool. Do not touch the needle when its hot.
  • Soak a cotton ball in warm water and dab the affected surface for a minute so that the dead cells are removed and the surface becomes soft. This should be done very gently.
  • Rub alcohol to the needle.
  •  Find the center of the zit and gently prick. Squeeze the pimple carefully and gently upwards, if  the pimple is ready to be popped the pus will pop out only with gentle pressure,  if not dont use force to pop it. Please ensure that you dont squeeze the pimple inwards as it may rupture the skin underneath and can cause inflammation and scarring.
  • After you are done squeezing just dab alcohol based toner gently on the zit. Leave the zit to dry and do not cover it with make up when its still open. Doing so will make the zit vulnerable to bacterial infections.

Is it OK to Pop a Pimple at Home ?

No, You should not. Popping pimples can be hazardous to the skin , if not done properly or in a proper stage.

This should be done only on pimples that are ready to be popped and not on acne. For treating Acne it is always advised to see a dermatologist.
Instead of choosing to pop the pimple you should should look for remedies to prevent and cure pimples naturally.

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How to pop a pimple properly video

So now you know how to pop a pimple but i still insist do not pop a pimple until and unless  it desperately needed. 



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