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what may be causing you to snore…
1) The throat may be weak and close down when sleeping. This is the most common cause of sleep apnea, very serious condition where snoring is just a one sign.

2) Your tongue may drop into your throat when you sleep and block it. The tongue is a muscle and if that muscle is weak, then it’s more likely to drop into the throat.

3) Tense jaw muscles put pressure on the breathing passages. This is what many dentist try to deal with by putting in dental implant. An easier way to avoid this is loosing up and relaxing the jaw muscles.

4) Floppy, weak soft palate bang around like leaf in a wind. Some snoring surgeries deal with this by cutting of part of the soft palate or putting small plastic implants in it to make it firmer. Simple moving it in the right way few times a day will keep it firm and prevent it from flopping.

5) Any muscle that is tense or weak around the breathing passage can put a pressure on it and make you snore. Very common is tension in the shoulders and neck.

6) Any muscles tension around the breathing passage, like in the shoulders and neck, may press on the throat and narrow it.

7) Finally, anything that builds up in your throat will work as a dam for your breathing passage. The most common dams are fat or cigarette tags in the throat or allergy in the nasals.

8) Anything that might gather in the throat, like fat or tar from cigarette smoke, will narrow the throat and cause snoring.

No matter what blocks your breathing passage, the same few snoring exercises will cure you.You’ll get your whole breathing passage in shape!What you will do is strengthening the whole breathing passage and the area around it.
Some Good SNORING EXERCISES to stop snoring are:

  • Throat exercise
  • Jaw exercise

The whole area from bellow your voice box up into your nasals and everything in-between will open up and strengthen using the throat exercises. It will also burn any fat in there and clean out tar.
By doing simple throat exercises your soft palate and the whole area from bellow your voice box up into your nasals and everything in-between will be strengthened and refreshed. Plus it will clean the throat of any fat or tar.
Training the tongue will strengthen in and by doing that, prevent it from dropping into your throat when you sleep.

Loosing up the Jaw, using the jaw exercises will remove any tension from it. You’ll be surprised how much easier you’ll breath after you do the Jaw exercises.

The Jaw exercises will loosen up the jaw and help it reach its healthy normal position where it won’t press on the breathing passage.
 Snoring Exercises Program to stop snoring.
There two ways you can exercise to stop snoring first can be the conventional approach i.e burning fat of whole body by doing fat burning exercise for entire body and secondly, you can choose a more targeted approach i.e by doing the following jaw exercises to stop snoring.

Simply close your mouth and act like you are chewing gum. Chew like this for a minute or so at a time.
To do the exercise right make sure your molars on both sides move apart a little, and then touch lightly again. Also notice that your lips are supposed to be closed the whole time.

This exercise is pretty easy on your jaw because you are not actually chewing anything, but you might still feel a little bit sore in the beginning.

Just take it easy-maybe chew for only a few seconds in the beginning and then increase the time you exercise.
You can make an “mmm” sound as you chew. This will open the throat better. Making an “mmm” sound is not necessary, it will just give the exercise extra boost.
This is the weak tissue that you are contracting, which you feel opening up your airways.The muscles you now feel contracting in the back of your throat… are one of the main problem areas in your snoring.



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