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How to lose weight fast with cardio exercise?

benefits of jumping exercises

In order to lose weight you need to burn fat, you can burn fat by various methods like exercising, dieting, taking  weight loss supplements or by natural remedies that mainly focus on boosting the metabolism .

Following are the various option for fast weight loss:

Weight loss Tablets and pills
There are hundreds of weight loss pill available in the market and its difficult to choose the best one from them and there are side effects too.

Weight-loss surgery
They work but they hit your pocket too hard. Many weight loss surgeries give you desired results but but its very difficult to decide which surgery to undergo and also the post surgery road is not very easy to travel.

Weight Loss Diet

There are several Diet Programs that focus mainly on weight loss. Fad diets or crash diets are very popular these days as they fetch quick results, but fad diets should only be followed for a smaller span. No matter which diet plan you choose, it is well advised to choose a proper exercise regime to go hand in hand with your diet program.

The best exercise for fat burning is cardio vascular exercise as its easy, its fun and it wont charge you even a penny. You have wide variety of option without equipment too.

What is a cardiovascular exercise?

The term cardiovascular refers to Heart, and Cardio is a short term used for cardiovascular. Cardio vascular exercise are the exercise that would focus on fat burning through increasing the heart rate  and keeping it increased for a continuous duration of atleast twenty minutes. Cardiovascular exercises are also called aerobic exercises.
Every session of a cardio exercise should be at least twenty minutes because this is the minimum time required by our heart to benefit from the exercise. In each session you have to do vigorous exercise and elevate your hear rate and keep it up for 20 minutes. Gradually as your body gets trained and used to the exercise start increasing the time period by minutes. 45 minutes in one go is the most not needed to cross this. Remember you should never over do cardio.

What is Heart Rate?

Heart rate is determined by number of heart beats per unit of time. It is expressed as BPM( beats per minute).
 Typical resting heart rate for a person is 60-80 bpm.

How to do cardiovascular Exercise for weight loss

The first thing that attracts me to cardio regime is that it does not require any special equipment although if you have equipments you can keep track of your each session.
There is variety of cardio exercises to choose from which do not require equipments.

Cardio Exercise To Burn Fat And Reduce Weight:

Best cardio exercise for weight loss
  •   Jogging/Running: Just buy good pair of jogging shoes and hit it. Go outdoors and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere in the morning.
  • Swimming: This is a very effective cardio workout for losing weight and you don’t even realize that you are working out.
  • Cycling: you may pick any option either outdoor cycling (mountain or street) or indoor cycling with a stationary cycle. If you have balancing issues try adult tricycles to hit your weight loss goals, it will definitely help you trim off those extra lbs.
  •  Dancing: Dance to your favorite music that’s it. You can also purchase some good video CD’s that will help you to maximize your results. This cardio exercise really helps to lose weight fast.
  • Jumping Rope: All you need is a jump rope and your ready to go. Try different combinations and you wont get bored ever.
  • Aerobic Exercise: Join aerobic classes you will learn some cool moves along with your workout.
  •  Zumba Classes: committing to regular classes of Zumba to attain your weight loss goals. Zumba provides cardiovascular exercise in a happy and enthusiastic dance party type of environment
  • Jump Trampoline: Set up a trampoline at home with the help of the right tools and spend at least 15 to 30 minutes on it daily. It is a great cardio exercise that does not leave you exhausted.

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What should be the frequency of doing cardio work out?

5 times a week for 30 minutes per session is considered good but for those who don’t get time atleast thrice a week is recommended.

 Cardio Exercise Benefits 

  • Cardiovascular exercise helps in stress management.
  • It increases the body endurance and stamina.
  •  It helps in burning fat resulting in weight loss.
  •  It will improve lung capacity by strengthening it.
  • It helps in boosting metabolism.You can also incorporate Home Remedies  with cardio exercise to lose weight fast and naturally.



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