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What is Thrush Infection (candidiasis)?

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What is Thrush Infection or candidiasis

Thrush is a yeast infection cause by over growth of the yeast called candida. Thrush is a very common yeast infection and is scientifically known as candidiasis. Thrush can be caused in mouth, skin, vagina, urinary tract and stomach.

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Oral Thrush

What is Oral thrush infection (Tongue Thrush):

It is a type of yeast infection on the mucous membrane of the mouth. Oral Thrush also known as tongue thrush is  a common infection seen in infants and babies. It is also called oral candida. While suffering from thrush, tongue and inner cheeks gets covered with creamy white lesions.

Oral Thrush  Symptoms

White sores usually of velvety / cottage cheese like appearance will be formed in the mouth.
The Creamy lesions can also spread on the roof of the mouth and sometimes on the throat and gums also. If the infections spreads till the back of the mouth then you might feel that the food is stuck in the esophagus.
Pain while swallowing
Cracked red patches are also seen, these patches might bleed if the soreness increases.

Causes of Oral Thrush

Over growth of candida yeast
Weakened Immune System is one of the most common causes of oral thrush.
Smoking can also cause oral thrush
Pregnancy : hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy is another cause of thrush.
Dentures can also cause oral thrush

What is Infant Thrush infection ( babies thrush):

It usually occurs to the babies below two months of age.   Infant Thrush can happen more that once also.

Infant Thrush Symptoms

Creamy white lesion on the tongue and inner cheeks
Soreness in the mouth
Baby may find difficulty during nursing.
Baby may have cuts in the corners of the mouth.

Is Infant Thrush Contagious?

Yes Infant thrush infection is contagious and it can infect the feeding mom. And also if the mother has thrush infection in her nipples she can infect the baby too. Thus it is suggested to get the right and timely treatment for both the baby and the mom.

What is Vaginal Thrush infection ( Candidal vulvovaginitis )

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It  is cause by the overgrowth of candida albicans ( a type of yeast) in vaginal mucous membrane. This yeast is already present in the vagina in healthy condition also and it causes no harm. The infection occurs only when there is overgrowth of this yeast in vagina. According to studies about 75% of women experience vaginal thrush in their lifetime.

As we know Thrush infection occurs due to the overgrowth of candida yeast. This yeast is a common organism which lives in our intestinal tract. There is another organism which  lives in the intestinal tract and is called Lacto bacillus. It is a bacteria which feeds on candida yeast. When due to some medication this friendly bacteria i.e lacto bacillus is killed, the number of candida albicans increases, this increase of candida yeast is one of the most common causes of thrush infection.

Anti Thrush Cream to treat thrush infection

Symptoms of vaginal thrush may include burning and itching in vagina, swelling, pain during sexual intercourse and white discharge.

Treatment for vaginal thrush (candidiasis)Vaginal Thrush can be treated with creams and pessaries and also with oral tablets.

Anti Thrush Pessary for vaginal thrush infection

Pessaries for Vaginal Thrush infection

Use of anti thrush pessaries is a very common. This is also a recommended method for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Anti thrush pessaries do not have many side effects, however they are a little awkward and inconvenient to use. Pessaries may also cause a burning sensation, itching and/or redness.
Pessaries may damage latex condoms thus it is recommended to use another methods of contraception while  using pessaries for thrush infection.

Please Note: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and you find any symptoms of thrush you should first visit your GP, before buying/using any over the counter anti thrush medication.

How to get rid of Thrush infection?
Keeping your immune system strong is the best way to avoid thrush infection.

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