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Home Remedies for Yeast Infections in Women

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home remedies for vaginal yeast infection

Most of the women suffer Vaginal yeast infection atleast once in their lifetime like many other health problems yeast infections in women is common and can also be treated with home remedies. In ancient days home remedies used to be the primary aid for any health condition, that was the time when in many countries allopathy treatments were not even introduced. The most popular treatment method was using home remedies. Asian countries had their indigenous system of traditional medicine like Ayurveda and Unani system of medicine.

Home remedies have got their own advantages and benefits. However one is always advised to take guidance from an expert practitioner before starting any type of treatment at home.

How Does  Yeast Infection Happen

Yeast which is also known as candida fungus is already present in human body. The problem arises only when the count of the yeast exceeds a certain limit. It is widely believed that only women can have yeast infection, but the fact states that men too can have yeast infections.

In this article we are specifically discussing about yeast infection in women.
A small number of bacteria and yeast already live in the vagina. The bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus)  keeps the other organism under control. When this balance of  organisms is disturbed (due any ready) infections occur.

Causes of  Vaginal Yeast Infection:

Intake of antibiotics: Antibiotics kills the bacteria. This leads to the over growth of candida albicans
Pregnancy: A lot of hormonal changes take place during pregnancy which may result in imbalance in vaginal acidity.
Certain diseases like diabetes and HIV are also responsible for yeast infections

Yeast overgrowth Symptoms (vaginal yeast   infection)

Itching in the skin around vagina
Vaginal discharge
Pain during sexual intercourse
Burning sensation while passing the urine
Just as a woman realizes that she has yeast infection she rushes to the doctor or to the chemist. The over the counter creams do help women in getting rid of yeast infection but the use of home remedies for yeast infections gives long lasting results without side effects

Home Remedies for Curing Vaginal Yeast Infection Naturally

home remedies for yeast infection in women

 Garlic Home remedy for curing Yeast Infection: 

home remedies for yeast infection
Garlic is well known to all for its healing properties as well as its capability of killing yeast. Yes garlic is a natural yeast killer thus an effective home remedy for yeast infection.. If a woman identifies the yeast infection in its starting stage ( if its recurring yeast infection you will  definitely figure it out at the onset itself ) she can very conveniently get rid of the infection using a clove of garlic.

To treat yeast infection at home with garlic, take a clove of garlic and peel its shell. You can use the garlic clove as it is, no need to crush as crushing it will cause severe burning sensation in the vagina. Place the garlic clove into the vagina at night (bedtime). If burning sensation is felt, wrap the garlic clove with a thin muslin cloth. If the infection is not very severe one day treatment will bring in the results. If the itching sustains then repeat the treatment the next day also.

Apple Cider vinegar Helps A Lot

apple cider vinegar gastric problems

Apple cider vinegar has anti-fungal properties an so it can prove to be a great help for sufferers of yeast infections. It alho helps in maintainig the pH balance. Fill your bath tub will water at least till the point it covers your groin area. Add half a cup of apple cider vinegar to the water. Now soak yourself in this water for half an hour and then you may proceed for your bath / shower.
Some people also suggest drinking the apple cider vinegar with water. But its really hard to drink it as its taste is just terrible (for me atleast).

Yogurt the Probiotic Supplement Increases The Good Bacteria

vaginal candidiasis yougurt

Probiotics are the good bacteria that feed on yeast. If due to some medication or any other reason the good bacteria present in our body is killed the yeast starts multiplying as a result of which the yeast infection is caused.

Yogurt Tampon Remedy

Yogurt can be applied directly to the vagina. Another way is using a tampon. Put the yogurt in the tampon and insert the tampon in the vagina. Leave it there overnight.
It is also suggested to consume 1 cup of yogurt every day as it can act as probiotic supplement when the body’s good bacteria is destroyed due to antibiotics, poor immune system etc. Thus yogurt make a good home remedy for yeast infections.

 Aloe Vera Gel Tea Tree Oil Tampon Remedy
Mix 3-4 drops of Tea Tree Oil with Aloe Vera Gel, dampen a tampon with this mixture and place it in the vagina. Tea Tree Oil is considered harmless to the Lactobacilus. Lactobacillus bacteria in the body is considered to be the beneficial bacteria present in the body. Lactobacillus bacteria helps to sustain healthy microbial balance. Aloe Vera gel has cooling effect.

Applying These Oils Have Therapeutic Value


Coconut Oil + 4-5 drops Tea Tree oil  Or 4-5 drops of Cinnamon Oil

Coconut Oil has antifungal properties and it can potentially kill the fungi responsible for causing the infection. It can be mixed either with cinnamon oil or tea tree oil and applied over the affected area.
Do not swallow tea tree oil by any chance as it is harmful if swallowed. These oils must be applied topically on the affected area three times a day.
Caution : Never Use Tea Tree Oil Alone.It has to be mised with some other oil or natural ingredients like Aloe Vera Gel.
Once you have used any of above home remedies to cure yeast infection you should now aim to restore the level of good Bacteria in your body.

Douches For Combating Candida
Mix Garlic oil
Oregano Oil.

you can also insert probiotics to increase good bacteria.

Increase the intake of yogurt, garlic and fresh vegetables in your daily diet.

Avoid These To get rid of Vaginal Yeast Infection

  • Do not use starch based after bath powders as starch makes a perfect medium for the fungus to grow. If you still want to use dusting powder keep it outside your panties.
  • Women having recurring yeast infections may become allergic to food that has yeasts and molds. they should avoid food and beverages such as bread, beer, fermented food, cheese etc.
  • Sexual intercourse can irritate the inflammation caused by yeast infection. You are at a risk of communicating your infection to your partner, which is not something  you would like to do.
  • Avoid Eating sugar and sugar based food
  • Avoid consuming fruits that have high content of natural sugar

Follow these Tips 

How to kill the yeast infection causing fungus
  1. Scrub your panties a little more than you do when you are infection free. Scrub the crotch of your panties with unscented detergents.
  2. Soak your undergarments for about 24 hours in bleach, this will kill the candida albicans.
  3. Iron your panties with hot iron,  heat is also a good candida killer.

Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

While you are pregnant the pH balance of the vagina may get disrupted due to fluctuating hormones. It is very common for women to suffer yeast infection during pregnancy. It is always best to consult your health care provider before option for any over-the-counter medication to treat yeast infection.

Eating curd (preferably homemade does help in minimizing the growth of bad bacteria in the vagina. Maintaining good vaginal hygiene and choosing the  right underwear  during pregnancy will also help in keeping the yeast infection away.

And Last but not the least, try to  improve your vaginal health and maintain it by leading a healthy life. benefits of Good eating habits and maintaining proper intimate region  hygiene can never be ruled out.

These are just simple and easy home remedies for yeast infection. If you found this article helpful please share it with others too. If you know a remedy that has worked for you, share it in the comment section.



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