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How to do Shellac Nails at Home Step By Step

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Shellac Nails  is an amazing new trend that overcomes the problem of basic nail paints the biggest problem being the chipping away of the polish, Shellac manicure uses UV light for curing the hands after each coat is applied. Shellac nails wont scrape, wont lose the shine and will stay just as new and fresh for a minimum span of 14 days even if they are not taken care off and put into all the nail polish damaging chores. Considering the cost effectiveness of DIY method, you are undoubtedly making a right choice by deciding to do Shellac Manicure at home. I am pretty much sure that your will pat your back  after you finish your first ever diy shellac nails and how easy it is to do shellac nails at home, as you will end up with  classy shellac nails and a very happy pocket.

how to do cnd shellac nails at home

Whats so special about Shellac Nails ?
  • Unlike regular nail polish, Shellac nail polish stays for about 14 days.
  • Shellac nails does not fade way or wear out.
  • Shellac nails wont chip like other nail polish starts chipping within 2-3 days of application.
  • Shellac nails stay shiny and glossy.

    Shellac or gel nail paints are trending, however they are not common and known across the globe, but Im sure uv treated long stay gel nails will take the world of fashion and beauty by storm in coming days.

    If you are tired of getting same old manicure then getting shellac is exactly what you should have in your to do list. Give shellac a try and Im sure you will love it. This tutorial gives a step by step instruction on how to shellac nails at home. The tricky part in doing gel nails is using the UV lamp, for which you must read the instruction manual carefully and do as directed.

    Its will be best if you get your first shellac manicure done at a salon, but if you are DIY lover you can do shellac manicure at home also.

Steps to do Shellac Nails at Home

To get those super glossy and classy shellac nails at home, you first need to prepare your nails for the process.

Prepare Your Nails 

Remove if you have any nail paint on your nails

File your nails till you get smooth edges there shouldn’t be any rough edges left as they can potentially spoil the look of your shellac nails

Push the cuticles gently to uncover the nail and to give a proper boundary for applying the nail paint.

Ensure these Before You Do  DIY Shellac Nails

Make sure that you do not have any open sores or wounds on your nails as you will be treating your nails under UV lamp

You do not have any residual dirt or oil on your nail

Do not damage your cuticle by pushing it too hard

Read and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the UV Lamp

Supplies you will need for doing shellac Nails

  • Shellac base gel
  • Shellac nail polish
  • Shellac UV lamp
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Nail File
  • Nail-paint Remover
  • Alcohol Wipes


1. Clean and file your nails, give them good shape ( well definition of good shape changes woman to woman)
2. Remove your cuticles off just as you would do while doing any other manicure
3. Now what comes in action is the base, apply a layer of shellac base gel.

Apply a thin layer of the base gel starting from the cuticle till the tip of the nail.

4. Cure your hand by keeping it under the light of shellac UV lamp for 10 seconds, do as directed in the instruction manual of the apparatus.

home shellac nail uv lamp

5. Apply the first layer of your shellac nail polish. This is the first layer over your base coat.
6. Again keep your hands under UV light for 2 mins.
7. Now go ahead and apply the second coat of shellac nail polish.

8. Repeat step 6
9. Apply the final and top most layer of shellac nail polish.
10 Repeat step 6 again.
Now wipe your hands and each nail carefully with alcohol wipes ensuring that there is no sticky residue left behind.

Grab Yourself a Shellac Kit

CND tops the charts undisputed in the field of UV nail polish gel. They give you salon quality shellac nails at home, quite chip resistant and ideal for long wear.

Why should I get Shellac Nails?






If you are too busy or even if you are lazy to apply nail polish very often,  you should try to do shellac manicure at home. If you are going to travel and wont get time to touch up your nail polish, yes you should get shellac nails.

If you are a fashion freak and love to stay trendy, girl believe me you deserve to get shellac nails.
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Not in mood to do shellac then dropping into these places are the next best thing to do

Locate Shellac manicure Salon in The United States of America:


Now you have learnt HOW TO GET THOSE GORGEOUS SHELLAC NAILS you must give it a shot, but before doing it you will need to get all the required things. You can order a good Shellac Manicure Kit  online and have all the fun with shellac Nails.




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