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5 Natural Facial Masks for Glowing and Flawless Skin

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Homemade Facial Mask Recipes for : Glowing Skin, Tan Removal, Oily skin, Skin Tightening 

Natural facial masks are a great way to pamper your skin. Skin provides outer covering to our body and it also reflects  our internal health. Our skin also has a very significant impact on our lives socially as well as sexually.

In our busy routines we fail to take out time for our skin and we start looking for shortcuts in the form of various beauty products. But let me tell you the truth, our skin loves natural treatment and it does respond amazingly to the natural face masks.

 Homemade Skin tightening Face Mask 

Mix 2 tbsp of egg white, with one tbsp of milk powder, add half a tsp of honey . Beat all this till the time you don’t get a thick paste. Apply this face mask all over your face and neck. Allow it to dry and then rinse off. Pat dry your face and apply herbal astringent. Now let this dry and you are good to go.

Carrot Face Mask 

Carrot is high in vitamin A content and is undoubtedly capable of doing wonders tthe pimply complexion skin. It will impart all its goodness to make your skin look smooth.

After removing the mask you shall feel the firmness and cleanliness of the skin.

For using a natural face mask you must always freshen your skin by cleaning and scrubbing your face. Freshly scrubbed face tends to absorb all the vital elements of these vegetables most efficiently.
Ensure that no residue of the cleanser or scrub is left on the skin, by doing so you enable vegetable juices tpenetrate deeper intthe skin..

Ingredient for carrot facial mask is only carrot. yes that’s true, just grind the carrots and spread them on a gauge piece. Now place this on your face. the gauge piece will prevent the mask from sliding off the face. See that the gauge piece is fully saturated witthe carrot paste.
Let this mask remain for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse it off and feel a smooth, radiant and fresh skin.
 Regular application of this face mask will fade away the blemishes also leaving a clear skin behind.

 Fuller’s Earth with Mint Face Pack for Dry Skin (natural mud face mask) 

Fullerr’s Earth aka Multani Mitti is widely used in making beauty product like face packs and is also used in spa. If you have excessively dry skin then you should not use this recipe of as your regular facial pack.

Mint Water and Fuller’s Earth Facial packTake 2 tsp of fuller’s earth and  make a paste by mixing mint water with it. Mint water can be prepared at home by grinding fresh mint leaves and straining the juice. 

Spread this pack on the face and keep until dry. This facial pack efficiently removes the dead skin and other debris also.
Apply moisturizer after rinsing off the face mask.

Clay masks or mud packs are worth a try for those who have oil skin. It is generally considered that the  clay which is darker in color will absorb more oil from the skin whereas light or rose color clay (mud) are gentler, the lighter mud is great for sensitive skin. 

Wheat germ face mask

Take raw wheat germ and water in equal parts. Beat this mixture of wheat germ and water until the germ becomes soft and dilutes in water, add one tsp egg yolk . Mix all the three ingredients till you get smooth mixture. Apply this mixture tthe face. Make sure the skin in covered evenly and completely. Let the mask sit for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask using a sponge soaked in lukewarm water. Once the face mask is completely removed rinse your face with fresh cool water.
Use only raw wheat germ for this homemade face pack.

Homemade Strawberry Pack To Remove Tan

Strawberry facial mask is a blessing for those whose skin has got deeply tanned. Choose a day when you have enough time to pamper your skin and you wont be disturbed by anyone during the application of this face mask, as you will be required sit still or almost 30 minutes while wearing the mask on.
For preparing this strawberry and cream natural face mask take fresh and fully ripened strawberries. Mash them into pulpy consistency. Now add equal part of fresh thick cream  to the strawberry mash. Mix it nice ly and apply all over the face and neck.

Because of the creamy consistency this mask will be running down your cheeks. So just sit still and avoid movements of your face and body. Let the mask work for 30 mins. then rinse and pat dry.

This a the best luxurious treatment you can give to your skin. You  will discover lightened smoother skin after 3-4 applications.
Natural Face masks require extra effort and time but they do give results that are worth your effort and time.

Homemade Dried Apricot  Facial Mask For Glowing Skin

Dry the apricot under shade.
Now store these in an air tight container.
Now your  dried apricots are ready to be used as a face mask.
To prepare the natural face mask

Soak the dried apricot fruit overnight in water.
Next morning boil the apricots in same water.
Two or three apricots shall be enough to make one time face mask.

Make a pulp out of the boiled apricots and apply the, thus derived pulp on the face. Just apply a thin layer, covering the face and neck.

Rinse after keeping it for 15- 20 mins.

These homemade facial masks made from natural ingredients works great to give you fresh,clean and  naturally radiant skin.
Just make these simple natural face masks recipe at home and see the glow and radiance  on your face and if you love’em do comeback and share your experience here.



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