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How to cure chapped lips

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kokum butter chapped lips

How to cure Chapped Lips

How to cure chapped lips
Chapped Lips Remedies

Chapped lips are usually caused due to cold and dry air. It is a painful condition wherein the lips become dry and cracked.

the most common cure for chapped lips is petroleum jelly. Although it works good but many people cannot stand the strong smell. Chapped lips can be cured with both home remedies as well as with otc products.

Symptoms of chapped / Cracked lips

Red and cracked lips
pain while smiling or talking
peeling out of the skin from lips
Tenderness and sensitivity
Repeatedly licking the lips also cause cracking and chapping of lips.

Causes of cracked chapped lips

Over exposure to dry cold air
Over exposure to hot sun
Dehydration in the body
Deficiency of vitamin A

How to cure Chapped Lips with Home Remedies

  • Apply glycerin to the lips daily.
  • Take out fresh cream from the milk (nothe store bough cream). Mix few drops of lemon juice and rub this gently on the lips with the help of cotton ball.
  • To cure chapped lips warm up clarified butter (ghee in hindi), add a pinch of salt and massage on the lips. this  will help you get rid of chapped ugly lips fast.
  • Mix black salt with clarified butter. Store it in a small bottle and carry it with you in winters. Use this several times in a day as you would use any other lip balm.
  • Add few drops of lemon juice to glycerin and rub it on your face. This will help you to deal with dry skin.
  • Drip few drops of clarified butter on your navel before going to bed. Do this regularly and you shall never suffer chapped lips.
  • You suffer chapped lips mostly in winters due tthe dryness, but it can happen in summers also. In summers  rose petals can be used to cure chapped lips. Justake few petals and mash them, apply to the lips and see the difference.

Kokum Butter for curing chapped lips                                                            

Kokum is a Garcinia Indica Tree’s fruit found in India.  Kokum butter gets absorbed in the skin in no time. the facthat it melts in skin temperature makes it an excellent ingredient for lip balms. to heal, moisturize and soothe dry cracked lips mix wheat germ oil with kokum butter to make a lip balm. A variety of kokum based lip balms and moisturizers are available in the market, buthis remedy works as good as any store bought lip balm will work.
  • Vitamin A plays vital role in skin repair and rejuvenation. Ensure adequate intake of vitamin A   in your daily diet.

Carmex lip balm 

If nothing seems to be helping , there is still one thing that shall save you from those pailfull chapped lips, yes you got it right, its Carmex, a classic lip balm with Cocoa butter, Aloe butter, Vitamin E, Shea butter Petroleum jelly phenol etc. Carmex lip balm has numerous positive reviews all over the web, left by its users, but since it is a prescription medication you should consulyour physician before using it

Tips to get rid of Chapped Lips

Stay Drunk 

Chapped lips are a result of dehydration. Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated shall keep your lips moisturized. In severe cold winters  you can also use air humidifier in your home and office to prevent chapping of lips.

Stop Licking 

Some people have the habit of licking their lips over and over again. By licking you remove all the oil present on the lips. Lips do not have oil glands but oil from surrounding area may be present on the lips. No matter how strong the instinct is, do not lick your lips.

Toothpaste and Chapped Lips

Flavoring agents found in the toothpaste might cause allergy to certain people and they lead to chapped lips.
It is not just the cold and dry air of winters that dries up our lips. Mr. sun also loves to fry your lips. In hot summers use a lip balm  thacontains sunscreen in it.
Curing chapped lips is not the deal, the most important thing is to take care of your lips in all the seasons and give them the extra care and nutrition so that they don’t chap, crack or peel but remain pink, soft and healthy.



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