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6 Glorious Health Benefits of Apple

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These Health benefits of Apple shall Convince You to Eat an Apple a Day


Apples have many health benefits thus its well said an Apple a day keeps the doctor away! Have you ever thought if this phrase is practically true or it is just a trick to make us eat it. So my dear let me just tell you that this wonderful fruit is packed up with a lot of good things that will help you stay healthy and will try its best to keep the doctor away. Among various health benefits of  Apple, one great benefit is that its low in calories and is notably good source of antioxidants.



1. Health Benefits of Apple Pectin

Apple is contained with high concentration of a compound called Pectin. Pectin is useful in many ways for maintaining a healthy body.
Apple health benefits due tthe presence of pectin are:

1. Pectin present in apple helps in the treatment of disorders related to digestion.

2. Pectin regularizes the bowel movements and it also helps in treating and controlling irritable bowel problems.

3. As apple pectin is soluble fiber it helps in maintaining good health by keeping low cholesterol levels and managing intestinal disorders
Pectin is found under apple peel in higher amount and is also present in the flesh of an apple. Pectin also used in making jams and jellies.

2. Apples Aid in Weight Loss

Among various health benefits of apples is  high fiber content of apple, which makes an apple a  good weight loss food. Eat three apples a day and you shall be able to get rid of those extra bulges here and there. Each apple contains about 4.5 gms of fiber whereas the calories count is only 70 which is much less than the calorie present in 1 cup of chocolate ice-cream. 

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You can eat an apple before each meal. It is very filling and eating before meal will fill your stomach and will help you to cut down all the excess that you eat to please your taste buds.

Not only its filling but it will also give a boost to your digestive system, so that what ever you eat flushes out quick. The fiber in apples ensures that the nutrition is absorbed and the waste is driven out of your body soon. This will also make you feel fresh and energetic.
There are various Apple Diet programs available which primarily involves eating apple before meals and between meals. If followed properly both will show good results on scale.

3. Healthy Teeth with Natures Toothbrush

Natures Toothbrush Apple : Have you ever heard of Nature’s Toothbrush Apple, this another praise that apple has in its credits.The qualities that makes an apple a good teeth cleanser and brighter are its acidic nature, its astringents properties and its fiber rich flesh.This crunchy fruit along with it juices will cleanse your teeth if taken after snacks. However you should not forget to rinse your mouth after eating an apple for removing the sugar and acids from your mouth.

4. The Amazing Antioxidants In Apple

A lot of health benefits of apples are due to the presence of antioxidants in Apples 
Our body needs antioxidants to defend itself from various diseases, antioxidants keeps the harmful free radical in check. Free radicals are naturally produced in our body and are also derived from external agents like cigarette smoking, highly refined and processed food and from environment pollution as well.Among the various health benefits of apples is its capacity to keep the defense mechanism of our body intact. The presence of compounds called Antioxidants prevents damage of cells and tissues.
Apples have rich content of minerals. Boron is a mineral which is present in good amount in Apple. Boron keep the brain alert. It has got the ability to reduce the risk of pain in the joints as it tends to prevent osteoarthritis.

5. Apples are rich in Fibre

Another benefit of apple is its properties that help in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels in the body which is due to the presence of fiber in apple.

6. Benefits of Eating Apples During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women have craving for apples. Studies have proved that  eating apples during pregnancy reduces the risk of developing asthma in the babies. 
These are just a few to name health benefits of apples but this great fruit Apple has a lot more credits to its name.



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