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Tea Rinsing your Hair: Recipe, Technique and Benefits

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Tea Rinse to Stimulate Hair Growth
Tea is a very common ingredient and its found mostly in every kitchen. Its not too long ago when i found that many women use tea as a hair rinse.

However tea rinses do not have much proven scientific credits to them but those who have tried this vouch on its effectiveness.

What is a tea rinse and how to use it on hair

Tea rinsing for strong hair

In simple words a tea rinse is water infused with tea that is used to rinse the hair after wash or after shampoo.Tea rinse can trigger common problems related to hair.
The idea about ideal tea as a beverage is different for different people. Some say green tea is more healthy and is better than black tea, and then there are people like me who are happy with both green and black tea.

However green tea is very good for hair and it contains substances that are used in making herbal shampoos too, black tea rinse also works great on hair as it stimulates hair growth and stops common yet severe problems of hair like shedding and flaking.

So for better result one might consider green tea for making a hair rinse.

Green Tea hair rinse for hair growth and preventing dandruff

Green tea strengthens hair.
It prevents and reduces hairloss or shedding
Manages split ends
Green tea rinse removes dryness and itching of scalp.

Green tea is good source of pro vitamin b (panthenol) which is used in making shampoos and hair conditioners. It is also rich in antioxidants that  helps prevent untimely hairfall and boosts hair growth.

How to make tea rinse for hair

green tea rinse to prevent shedding

A tea bag is the basic ingredient for any tea rinse. (black or green as per availability and personal preference).

2 tea bag shall be sufficient for one time rinse.
2 cups of water


Boil 2 tea bags in 2 cups of water.
Let it steep overnight or minimum 4-5 hours.
Put the tea into a spray bottle and spray it all over hair and scalp until the hair is completely soaked in this homemade tea rinse.
Let it sit for 20-30 minutes.
Now condition your hair with a hair conditioner

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 Benefits of Tea Rinse

Stimulates Hair Growth: The presence of caffeine in black tea helps in promoting hair growth.
Leaves Tresses Shiny: A tea rinse helps in eliminating dullness and provides shine to the hair.
Helps in Combating Shedding: Green tea will help in stopping hair fall, provided it is in its purest form and is not adulterated with harsh chemical ingredients.

Using tea rinse for hair is a dollar effective way of deep conditioning hair and taking up a natural herbal approach of treating your tresses.Make sure you take out enough time for doing this treatment on your hair as you will need a minimum of 4-5 hours to steep the tea before applying it on your hair.

Other than black and green tea rinses, a chamomile tea rinse for hair can also be used and it shows great deal of improvement on damaged hair

Have you ever done tea rinse?

Did the tea rinse help your normal hair ?

Will you recommend others to use tea rinse for hair?



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