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Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Treating Chapped Dry Lips with Natural Home Remedies

Chapped, cracked and dry lips are the most painful and embarrassing conditions and they are very common, so almost every one of us have faced this problem atleast once in our lifetime. For those who suffer frequently, we are sharing here some of our best known home remedies for chapped lips.

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

  • Wax on chapped lips: both beeswax and petroleum wax are used in lip balms. You can use it as a home remedy for chapped lips by melting the wax and applying it on the lips.
  • Rock Salt Remedy: Cold winter winds are the most common cause of chapped lips, Rock salt (sendha namak in Hindi) mixed with clarified butter can be used as a home remedy for chapped lips.
  • Rose Petals : Crush fresh rose petals and gently massage on the lips. If you find it hurting to apply them you can soak the rose petals in raw milk, by doing so you add lubricant to the crushed petals and they become more easy to apply.
  • For curing painful chapped lips use 100% pure lanolin on your lips. this works even in the worst of cases. Lanolin aka wool wax comes from wool bearing animals. So my vegan friends please use this remedy on your own discretion.
  • Cucumber is a complete solution to all your beauty problems and it works great for chapped lips too. In order to get best results you need to apply the juice several times a day on your lips. Just carry a big chunk of cucumber while going out and keep applying the juice once in every 2 hours. Keep for fifteen minutes and rinse off.

Butter and Cream Remedies For Dry Chapped Pouts

  • Kokum Butter is although among the lesser known home remedies for chapped lips, but its absolutely amazing in dealing with cracked or chapped lips.
  • Warm clarified butter throw in a pinch of salt and gently massage it on lips. The fat in clarified butter works as a natural moisturizer for lips and prevents excessive drying and cracking of lips.
  • Fresh milk cream mixed with few drops of lemon juice make a good moisturizer for chapped lips.
How to  Prevent chapped Cracked and Dry Lips in Winter
  • Always wear moisturizer based lipstick, wearing matt lipsticks will make the lips dry. 
  • Never pull the chapped and peeling lips, I know its way too harder than it sounds ( even I keep peeling my lips 😉 ) but please its a complete no no.
  • Do not expose your lips to Cold breeze of winters without wearing a lip balm.
  • Keep your lovely lips hydrated and moisturized during winters.
Home remedies for chapped lips are no different from other natural remedies and vhey are mostly harmless and have no side effects. But if you are allergic to any ingredient of the remedy than you must not go for it, play safe and choose another remedy.



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