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Let’s Explore – Health Benefits and uses of Turmeric / Haldi

Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Turmeric

Turmeric “The Queen of Spices” is well recognized as a spice but in Indian culture turmeric is far more than just a spice.

turmeric health benefits

Haldi as it is known in Indiais a herb native to Indiaand has been used in various ways since ages. Its is called Haridra in Sanskrit and has got a rich history in Indian traditions. Due to its tremendous therapeutic and medicinal properties it is an ancient and most common home remedy used in India for various ailments.  Health benefits of turmeric can be seen in both external and internal use.

Turmeric as a spice

In Indian culinary tradition turmeric is used as a condiment to spice up the curries. Almost every second dish in India uses turmeric as its basic ingredient. Not only it adds color to the dish but it also is very flavorsome. The presence of turmeric in Indian recipes ranges back to over 2500 yrs.

 Ayurvedic Treatments with Turmeric

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine that uses herbs for the treatment of ailments recognizes turmeric as a medicine for its healing properties. Turmeric has got excellent healing properties; it is an antioxidant and also an antiseptic. In Ayurveda turmeric is used for intestinal disorders, stomach gas relief, respiratory system support and as a blood purifier. 
health benefits of turmeric

 Benefits and Uses of turmeric in Home Remedies and Treatments

It has anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of curcumin compound  in it. This property makes turmeric an effective home remedy that aids in dealing and preventing  rheumatoid arthritis.

Helps as a relieving Agent in Cough and Cold

For treating chronic cough slightly dry roast a small piece of turmeric and keep it in the mouth whole night. Using this remedy can relive sever cough and cold.

Acts as An Antiseptic and Antibacterial for Cuts and Wounds

Cuts and wounds are very prone to infections and to prevent this, they must be treated immediately. Bleeding cuts and wounds should never be left open and untreated as they can catch infection and can aid the bacteria to enter the body.

For minor cuts and bruises Turmeric can be used handy.

Turmeric can be used both in powdered form and in paste form to heal the wounds naturally.
If the cut is bleeding you can apply Turmeric powder to clot the blood and stop bleeding. It will also restrict the bacteria from entering the body through this open wound. Wrap up a fresh and clean cloth around the wound ad let the Turmeric take control.

For Bruises Turmeric paste (made with turmeric and water) can be applied.

Make a paste of turmeric with warm water and apply it on the sprained joint. With this conventional turmeric home remedy you are sure to get relieved from the pain.

Relieves Itching (itchy skin khujli and kharish)

Remedy for itch skin: 

Cow’s Milk : 800 gms
Turmeric Powder:: 100 gms
Iron wok

Method : Mix the powdered turmeric into the milk and pour into an iron wok. Warm the milk to reduce it. Do not forget to stir the milk in between to prevent it from burning. 
Reduce the milk till the time only 1/4 of the quantity is left.
Now add Goghrit (clarified butter made with cow’s milk). Cook the entire mixture and roast it.
Now make Syrup with 1 kg of khandsari or jaggery and 1/2 ltr. of milk.

Now add the milk turmeric mixture to this syrup and keep heating till the ghee oozes out. Store in cool and dry place

 Take 10 gms of this mixture ever morning followed by a glass of warm milk.

This turmeric remedy will eradicate the problem of itchy skin.

Acts as a skin disinfectant

Grind fresh or dried turmeric to a fine paste. Apply this paste all over the body before having your bath.
This process helps to kill the germs present on the surface of the skin and will also make your skin radiant.

Boosts your Immune System

Scientists suggest that turmeric has a property of stimulating the immune system. A strong immune system will prevent you from catching cough, cold and flu.

A teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed in a glass of warm milk can be taken once in day by those who are suffering from cough and cold.

Choosing  the Best Turmeric

Turmeric is widely available in the market. But in order to harness the medicinal properties of turmeric you must prefer buying the organic product.
Many turmeric powders include additives and colors which is ok for normal cooking but is not appropriate for medicinal and therapeutic use.

This is Important

Like any other herb turmeric should also be used in moderation. Many people are allergic to turmeric so you must first consult a physician before bringing turmeric in therapeutic use.
 Turmeric is also used in Ayurveda formulas for birth control, thus  pregnant women should never take excess of turmeric without seeking an expert’s advice.



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