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Home Treatment of Head Lice with Custard Apple

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Head lice is a common problem in girls and even boys, they are contagious and can easily be spread through head to head contact or by sharing hair accessories like combs, bands and scarves etc.Head Lice are not very dangerous and they do not cause any disease. But they can be annoying and may also affect young girl’s confidence levels as its quite embarrassing to have lice floating on your hair.

It is very important to treat your head lice as it is contagious and can be contracted by your spouse and children very easily.

custard apple home remedy for head lice

How to choose a treatment method for head lice?

Treatment of head lice can be done with both over the counter products and home remedies. However you should first diagnose the degree of infestation before applying any product on your head to treat head lice.

Children below 6 years of age should not be given any head lice removal treatment without consultation of the pediatrician/doctor.

Most of the products require repeated applications for complete removal but be careful that you dont overdo the usage of such products.

Custard Apple Home Remedy for Head Lice Treatment

Custard Apples are being used in Thai folk remedies since long time. Both the leaves and the seed of custard apple tree have medicinal properties and they can be used in the treatment of head lice too.

Treating Head lice with Custard Apple Leaves

Take fresh leaves of Custard Apple tree and crush them to take out the juice. You mar crush the leaves with mortar and pestle and then strain the juice with the help of a cheese cloth.

Apply this fresh juice on the scalp and leave it for 20 mins. Now rinse off the juice and wash your head with a mild herbal shampoo.

Home Treatment of Head Lice with Custard Apple Seeds

Grind Custard Apple Seeds to fine powder, mix this with water to make a paste.
Now apply this paste on head and leave it overnight. Cover your head with a shower cap or with a cloth. Rinse it next morning and shampoo your hair.

Precautions while using Custard Apple home remedy for head lice

The oils present in the custard apple seeds are very dangerous for eyes. They may cause severe burning, redness and can also affect vision.

  • Do Not allow the paste enter your eyes in any case.
  • Do not touch your eyes after touching or itching your head when you have the paste on.
  • While rinsing the head next morning just bend forward and wash your head so that the water does not enter your eye.
  • Take ¬†someones help to apply the paste on your head so that you can keep your eyes tightly closed throughout the application.



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