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How To Make Henna Tattoo : Mehendi Design

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DIY  Henna Tattoo or Mehendi Design a Beautiful Body Art

Henna also known as Hina and Mehndi is a tropical shrub which is known for its dying or staining property,  is used in natural and herbal hair dyes and also in making body and temporary tattoos.

In Asian countries henna is applied in form of beautiful designs in the hands and feet.
The bridal Mehndi is made before the wedding on brides hand and feet. 
Nowadays modern girls are enjoying henna tattoos in different parts like in the arm, waist, back etc. It looks as good as any other tattoo and is temporary and most importantly absolutely painless.

How to Create temporary henna tattoo
Actress Dipika Padukone Flaunting her Henna Tattoo

Step By Step Mehendi Design

The First Step for Your Henna Tattoo

To make your henna paste you can use a store bought henna powder or else you can make the powder from its leaves (if only you find them somewhere or you have a henna plant in your garden). I will be discussing both methods in this post. I hope by the end of this post you shall be able to make your own henna tattoo paste as well as your own temporary henna tattoo.

temporary Tattoo with henna paste

What is a Henna Tattoo ?

Henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo that can be made easily at home. Temporary henna tattoo is made with henna paste.This tattoo will dye the topmost layer of the skin and lasts for close to 15-20 days as the dye gradually fades away.

Henna is a flowering plant with natural properties of dying and coloring. It has been used since ages for making temporary henna tattoos and as hair color too.

Making henna powder at home for henna paste

Pluck the leaves of henna plant and dry them under shade or indoor.
Once the leaves are dried completely, crush them by rubbing between palms.
Sift the crushed leaves using a muslin cloth. Repeat sifting thrice.
Now that you have made your fine henna powder, you are ready to make the henna paste which will be used for making the henna tattoo design.

How to make Henna Paste for Making Mehendi Design


  1. Take the henna powder in a mixing bowl, to this add lemon juice (filtered) of one whole lemon. Pour in 8-10 drops of Eucalyptus oil. Let the mixture sit for two hours. Alternatively you can also soak the henna powder in tamarind and tea concoction. Boil tamarind leaves with tea. Cool and filter it and make your henna paste using this concoction.
  2. Now your henna paste is ready to be applied for making a henna tattoo design.

Darkening Oil : Eucalyptus oil or Nilgiri ka Tail is often used by most of the henna artists. Adding few drops of Eucalyptus oil to the henna paste helps in attaining the darkest stain possible.

Buy Henna tattoo supplies

There are two methods of making henna tattoo designs.

  1. 1 Using a thin stick or toothpick.
  2. 2 Using a polythene cone.

Henna Tattoo designs and Patterns
Choose a design that you want to make on your skin.
You make make the design with your creativity and imagination or to simplify the job just grab a design book and make the tattoo. Here are a few books with simple and beautiful designs.

Applying the Henna Paste to make the Tattoo

With the help of the cone or tooth pick make the chosen design on the skin. The cone method is just like you do cake piping.

Make your tattoo design carefully. Do not stain your skin here and there. Else it will look too messy.

Once you have finished making your henna tattoo allow it to dry. Meanwhile make mixture of lemon juice and sugar. Soak a cotton ball in this mixture and dab it all over on your tattoo design. Ensure that your entire tattoo gets wet, because if the tattoo gets excessively dry it will fall off leaving the final result patchy.

Now leave the henna for about 4-5 hours. Scrape the henna off your skin and leave it again for 8-10 hours. Remember you have to watch that the design does not get wet at all, because if the tattoo gets wet the coloring process will lose its intensity. Avoid touching water for atleast 8-10 hours.

By doing this you ensure that the henna tattoo thus made gets a deep and rich color and it also stays for a longer period of time.

After scraping the henna apply mustard oil to the entire design. Alternatively you can heat 5-6 cloves on a girdle and hold your tattoo part of the body over this heat. This gives henna tattoo deep coloring.



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