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How Turmeric Heals Wounds and Bruises

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Using The Curative and Healing Power of Turmeric  for Bruises and Wound Care

A wound is an injury in which the skin is cut , torn or broken.
A bleeding wound is dangerous as it result in catching infections and heavy blood loss, the first attempt should be to stop the blood flow. This can be done by rubbing ice or elevating the wound.
Quick Relief (QR) Powders like WoundsSeal come as great relief for stopping bleeding.

Like every other problems there is an amazing Home Remedy for healing the wounds also, how a very common spice turmeric heals wounds and bruises is just amazing, usually we tend to ignore these simple things present in our home that can actually help us in dealing with a lot of common ailments.

Turmeric  heals Wounds  and Bruises

Turmeric “The Golden Spice” however is celebrated globally as a spice used in curries and stews, has various medicinal properties too. It has been used both in ancient traditional Chinese medicine and in Indian Ayurveda for treating a wide range of health ailments and skin conditions.

Natural Healing Power of Turmeric

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Relieves inflammation of the wound / cut and bruise.
Anti Bacterial: It prevents infection.
It helps to stop the bleeding clotting the blood
It promotes the regeneration of new skin.

turmeric to heal cuts and wounds

How to use Turmeric to Heal Cuts and wounds and Bruises

What Happents when you Apply Turmeric on Wounds

Curcumin is a powerful component that gives Turmeric the anti-septic,  anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties compound, Turmeric will stop the bleeding, prevent the bacterial infection and will aid the healing process.The analgesic action will help in relieving the pain.

Turmeric Powder

Good quality and unadulterated Turmeric powder can be sprinkled directly on bruises and cuts after cleaning and pat drying  to provide instant relief.

For Profusely Bleeding wounds

  • Try to stop the bleeding by elevating the wound or by applying slight pressure
  • Now clean the wound / place around the wound with water and gently rub to remove the dirt by using a cotton ball or soft clean cloth.
  • Make a paste by mixing turmeric with water and apply this paste on the wound.
  • Wrap it up with a bandage.

Turmeric and Alum For Wounds

Mix Turmeric powder and powdered Alum in 1:4 ratio apply this on bleeding wounds. This mixture will aid in stopping the bleeding.
To aid the healing process and relieve the pain : Grind whole Turmeric roots (dried) and alum together. Mix this mixture in warm coconut oil to form a paste. Foment (sekana)  the wound with this paste with the help of clean muslin cloth.
You can also make a bandage with this paste and tie it on the wound. It makes a good pain reliever.
To Heal Wounds : Heat Ghee (clarified butter), remove from heat and add Turmeric Powder. Apply this on the wound and do the dressing with bandage as you would normally do with other ointments.

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Word of Caution

It is okay to use Turmeric for minor injuries to skin like abrasions, superficial cuts and bruises and it does work as an excellent first aid. But if  a person has sustained deeper injuries a visit to the Doctor right away is a must. Managing minor wounds with home remedies is advisable but for severe conditions seeking medical aid is the only way. Last but not the least  Home Remedy should never be treated as a replacement to medical treatment.




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