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How to Know if I have Greasy Hair

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Is My Hair Greasy 

Greasy or oily hair is a very common condition which is generally a result of sebum over production.  It makes your hair look flat and you may find it impossible to style your tresses.

do i have greasy hair

Hair Type Test to check Greasiness 

To confirm if you have greasy hair you can take this simple tissue paper test at home.

Steps for Hair Type Test

Shampoo it:

Shampoo your hair a day before which you are planning to take the hair test.

Perform The Test:

After 24 hours have passed, take a tissue paper and press it on the scalp, remember you just need to press the tissue paper. Do the same behind the ears also.

Check the tissue paper:

If you see oil patches on the tissue paper you certainly have a greasy / oily hair type.

Some more ways to identify greasy / oily  hair

Shampoo your hair as you normally do. Don’t apply any leave on potion, styling gel, hair serum etc. on the hair.

Just leave the hair as it is after shampoo.

Now check your hair after two days. If you find group of hair clinging together to for thick bunches of strands, you have oily hair.

At this stage the greasy hair will also have lost all the bounce and volume, it will feel dirty, sticky and heavy.

Why do I have Greasy Hair

As said before the most common reason for oily and greasy hair is over production of sebum. Sebum is a waxy matter that secretes on the skin. It is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands, and is responsible for keeping the skin and hair moist and lubricated.

Over secretion of this fatty oil leads to oily and greasy hair problem.

You can try home remedies to manage greasy hair at home, these methods require you to make simple alteration in your regular hair care routine and works fine.

How to control Greasy Hair

Avoiding the following will help in controlling excessive greasiness of hair;

Do not use moisturizing shampoo

Avoid applying the hair condition directly on the scalp

Avoid frequent use of hair styling gels and serums

Use products which are specifically designed for oil clarifying and controlling

Common Causes Of Greasy Hair

Hormones : Hormonal changes in the body may result in increased production of sebum

Genetics: You may inherit overactive sebacious gland from your parents.

Hair Type : If you have straight hair the oil is more likely to spread evenly till the tips of your hair, whereas curly/wavy hair have some scope of preventing the sebum from travelling down towards the tip.

Dry Shampoo For Greasy Hair Good or Bad


organic dry shampoo oily hair

Green & Gorgeous Organics Natural Dry Shampoo Powder Oily Hair – Grapefruit & Sweet Orange

Dry shampoo that is meant specifically for greasy / oily hair will definitely help in absorbing the oil from you hair. What you need to know is repeated use of dry Shampoo or using it as a substitute for a hair wash will do no good to your oily hair, as dry shampoo is just particles which are eventually going to cause build-up and clogging. Washing your hair with a nice cleansing shampoo is a must, it will remove the dirt and oil from the scalp and will also exfoliate the scalp.

If you have to leave home for any urgent commitment, you may use Dry shampoo for oily hair as a quick fix for greasy hair, but don’t forget to wash your hair well afterwards.



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