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Symptoms of Tennis Elbow: Pain | Tenderness in the Outer Part of Elbow

Symptoms of  Tennis Elbow

may vary from person to person. One of the most typical tennis elbow symptoms is severe pain in the lateral epicondyle i.e the outer part of the elbow.  In many cases the pain runs down the forearm to the wrist.

Following are some of the:

Main Symptoms of Tennis elbow | Lateral Epicondylitis 

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow
Tennis Elbow Symptoms- Tennis Elbow Treatments
  • Soreness in the outer part of the elbow
  • Burning pain in the outer part of the elbow.
  • Difficulty in lifting objects.
  • Stiffness and pain is experience while moving or bending the elbow joint.
  • Weak Wrist: Difficulty in doing jobs that require movement of wrist like assembly jobs or even shaking hands.
  • Pain while palpating the lateral part of the elbow. This pain is due to the inflammation in the tendons.
  • Pain while writing.
  • Pain while twisting or extending the wrist

Tennis elbow injuries may lasts from few months to 2 years. The intensity of the pain may vary from slight discomfort to severe unbearable pain.  The severe pain can be felt even while sleeping and when the elbow is in resting position.

When you realize that you are experiencing the symptoms of tennis elbow then you must immediately stop doing all the activities that will cause more damage to the inflamed elbow.

Tennis elbow Treatment : There are various approaches and methods to treat tennis elbow some of which are:

Use of painkillers for tennis elbow treatment

Use of physiotherapy for treating tennis elbow

Shock wave Therapy

Acupuncture is also use for Tennis elbow treatment

Surgery : This is probably the last option for the treatment of tennis elbow

Ultra Sound and and laser treatment

Tennis Elbow Exercises

Also See Tennis Elbow Exercise

Besides all these Tennis Elbow Treatment option there is one more option that can help you in recovering from tennis elbow  and that option is the use of  Home Remedies for tennis elbow.

Upon the onset of tennis elbow you should immediately start taking the prevention for tennis elbow by doing so you save yourself from suffering severe and long lasting pain.

More Injuries with symptoms similar to Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

As with any other disease right diagnosis is very  important in this injury also, condition like radial tunnel syndrome which is a disorder that causes pain in the elbow and upper arm have symptoms similar to the symptoms of tennis elbow. This makes it confusing to determine what is causing the pain, thus it is recommended to seek expert medical advise and diagnosis  in case any tennis elbow symptoms are felt and observed

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