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Homemade Aloe Vera Gel Hand Lotion Recipe

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Homemade lotions and creams are inexpensive beauty products that may not be very popular and preferred in the modern hectic lifestyle, but its potentially a very good substitute to the chemicals packed in the store bought lotions, they are harmless and works equally great as any other homemade lotion will do.

Aloe vera gel is quite versatile when it comes to it therapeutic and medicinal uses, it has been used in many Ayurvedic treatments and is very easily available. You can grow it in your garden and use it for first aid as its gel comes out handy in conditions like cuts, wounds, bruises, burns etc.

Its Sanskrit names is Ghritkumari and it is used medicinally in many different ways since ancient times. Aloe vera is a type of cactus which is grown widely in india and Africa.

Apart from its medicinal uses Aloe Vera is a very popular ingredients used in making various skin care products. it is known to treat sunburn, Acne, fights aging and it is a wonderful moisturizer.

I can go on describing the uses and benefits of this “Plant of Immortality” as named by the ancient Egyptians, but for now I will focus on today’s DIY skin care product which is Aloe Vera Gel Hand Lotion.


Aloe Vera Gel Hand Lotion Recipe

What You Will Need

Beeswax :  1.5 tbs

Sweet Almond Oil: ½ cup

Aloe Vera Gel : 1 cup

Essential Oil of choice : 10 drops (I use Lavender Oil)

For adding Enrichment to the lotion: use I capsule of vitamin E oil

Steps for making Aloe Vera gel Hand Cream At Home

diy aloe vera gel hand cream

  1. Set up a double boiler
  2. Add sweet Almond oil and beeswax and melt while stirring the mixture in continuous fashion
  3. Add Aloe Vera gel and fold it into the mixture
  4. Continue heating till you get all the ingredients well dissolved
  5. Remove from heat and add essential oil and vitamin E oil.
  6. Mix everything well and allow the mixture to cool in room temperature
  7. Once cooled and set blend it in a blender (preferably a hand held blender)
  8. Blend till the your lotion attains the look of whipped cream
  9. Take a sterilized jar and pour in your aloe Vera gel hand lotion and store in the refigerator.

This Lotion has a shelf life of 5-6 weeks, to keep it fresh make small batches and use.

Variations you can make in this Aloevera hand cream recipe:

Replace Lavender oil with any other essential oil of your preference,

Replace sweet almond oil with olive oil

Instead of using only almond oil you can take equal portions of almond oil and coconut oil.



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