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3 Best Homemade Coffee Body Scrub Recipes

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coffee body scrub recipe

A Body Scrub ! A Homemade Coffee Body Scrub ! Sounds insanely messy right ? Yes you are right it is, and with honey added it gets sticky too but result is something beyond imagination. We all know that spa treatments with coffee grounds are among the most expensive treatments and that’s why I love the whole idea of using homemade beauty products, the packs, the masks, shampoos and conditioners they are all fantastic and they a frugal. First of all let me tell you that this is not something in which a lot of people will want to indulge themselves in, yes, its messy and completely out of the box. Making your own body scrub using coffee is simple and the benefits are amazing and the results are awesome.

Making face packs and hair masks is very common but making your own body scrub is not every ones cup o joe. But yes there are some freaks out there who are madly in love with the art of making their own beauty care products at the comfort of their home.

Now that  you have landed on this page Im pretty much sure that you are looking forward to get your hands dirty.

Lets Talk About Our Star Ingredient Here

Benefits of Using COFFEE  on SKIN

The benefits of using coffee for skin is not a secret anymore and its widely used  in making skin care products and beauty products including lotions, creams, scrubs and fragrances and hair colors.


coffee body scrub recipe


Coffee Prevents Skin Ageing : It is loaded with skin friendly antioxidants which gives the coffee a good reason to be used in skin care regime.

Coffee Can Reduce Cellulite : However it is temporary solution for cellulite but still coffee has the potential to reduce the appearance of that ugly cellulite.

It Exfoliates the Skin: The consistency and texture of coffee grounds is perfect for an exfoliating scrub. Experts suggest that coffee has properties of encouraging collagen production thus giving the skin a smooth feel.

Coffee Brightens the Skin : Just like a cup of joe stimulates your senses and gives a fresh and energized start to your day, the caffeine present in it can energize the skin and improve circulation leaving your skin radiant and glowing.

The Essentials For Making Homemade Body Scrub With Coffee

To start with, let us first know the basic formula, which remains almost the same for the store bought body scrub too and the formula goes like this:

1. An Exfoliant:

which is coarse in texture


  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Oatmeal

2. A Carrier Oil:

Which is a base oil and basically provides a medium to hold and combine the body scrub. It is less concentrated in nature and is usually extracted from the fatty part of a plant.


  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Walnut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Coconut Oil

3. Fragrance:

essential-768949_640 (1)

Fragrance can be added both with fragrance oil and essential oil. To put it simple a few drops of essential oil must just do fine. Fragrance oils should be avoided as they are artificially prepared to mimic the fragrance of a natural ingredient.
Note that certain essential oils should be avoided by pregnant women.
If you have sensitive skin you must avoid certain allergy triggering essential oils, esp. Tea Tree oil. Citrus oils may lead to sun sensitivity in some.

#1 For Exfoliating the Skin : Salt And Coffee Body Scrub

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Things you need

   Coffee (ground) – 2 Parts
   Kosher Salt  or sea salt  – 1 part
   Vitamin E capsule – 1 Capsule
   Beauty Oil –  You may use a beauty oil of your choice or any simple
massage oil will also do. take 1/2 part ( should be sufficient to dampen
the scrub).
Homemde Coffee Body Scrub Recipe
Combine all the above listed ingredients and make a paste (no not make a very fine paste).
How to apply
Apply the scrub all over the body. Massage very gently. This will leave your body smooth and soft.

#3 The Anti Cellulite Scrub: Vanilla Coffee Bcody Scrub

Caffeine is a classic ingredient that is used in many cellulite removal creams, caffeine tightens the skin which make it a perfect anti-cellulite ingredient.

1 cup Coffee Grounds

1 cup Cocoa Powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract or a vanilla pod can also be scraped

1 cup Brown Sugar

1/2 Coconut Oil and a teaspoon full of olive oil

Melt the coconut oil and let it cool.

Take an airtight container and put all the powdered and dry ingredients. Close the container and shake well till everything get nicely mixed. Now open the lid of the container and pour in the oils. let the oils seep in and soak all the dry ingredients, at this stage you can adjust the quantity of oil keeping in mind the desired consistency.

Now add the vanilla extract and cover it. store in refrigerator and it shall go for a few weeks.

#3 Homemade recipe:  Cinnamon Coffee Body Scrub

1 cup coffee grounds

1 Cup Raw Sugar

1 1/2 cup olive oil

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

2-4 drops of  Cinnamon Essential oil

Mix everything in a mixing bowl and the carrier oil and transfer it into an airtight jar. Cover the lid and store in cool place.

To apply this scrub, just take two tsp and smear and massage gently on the skin in circular motion, leave for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off.


The homemade Coffee body scrub is a wonderful way to exfoliate your skin. It is also said that the caffeine present in the coffee is a great remedy for treating cellulite. Thus it is believe that apart from exfoliating the skin coffee body scrub also helps in diminishing cellulite. Caffeine is used as a key ingredient in many cellulite eliminating creams and lotions. However there is another theory that contradicts this fact, according to which the caffeine present in the coffee slows down the metabolism rate of the body thus increasing the development of fat pocket.

Whatever be the relation of caffeine with cellulite one thing that is sure is that these Coffee Body Scrubs are indeed a luxury you can pamper yourself with, the skin exfoliation is super and it also makes a quick gift.

There are many other variations that can be used  in the recipe of  DIY coffee body scrub like:

You may use brown sugar instead of sea salt.
For beauty oil : almond oil, olive oil, grape seed oil etc.
Cocoa butter can also be added to the scrub
Some also use egg white in their coffee body scrub

So options are many just choose your best combination and make your own Homemade Coffee Body Scrub.




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