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Pregnancy After Blighted Ovum : My Success Story

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success stories after blighted ovum

Yes I know this topic is totally out of space in this blog, but something compelled me to do this up and finally I decided to go ahead and pen it down. This post is more than just a piece of writing for me, Its about me, my sorrow, my joy,  and its about my journey to motherhood. If you have had blighted ovum and are scared to death, when you think of conceiving again, and if you are looking for a success story after blighted ovum D&C then you are in right place.

The road to the destination BABY, was not an easy one for me, It had a fair share of rough patches but finally by the Grace of Almighty We succeeded. Today I am a proud mother to my darling princess and she is putting in all the best of her efforts to drive her mommy nuts with her antics.

Getting pregnant after having a miscarriage due to blighted ovum (empty gestational sac) is not like normal pregnancy, your thought process changes completely, your emotions are dominated by fright of having it again and you somehow tend to lose the real joy of being pregnant. It is indeed difficult to ignore what you have gone through but the fact is that the chances that you will again end up with an empty gestational sac are very sleek and thus you must always try not to think negative and keep yourself emotionally positive.

success stories after blighted ovum


Here is My Timeline : Journey from Blighted Ovum to successful pregnancy

October  2012 – I got Pregnant for the first time

December 2012- Ultrasound to check the heartbeat  Poked and prodded only to reveal the emptiness prevailing in there. Result – No heartbeat, no yolk sac, no foetal pole, no embryo found

January 2013- I hemorrhaged and suffered a missed miscarriage followed by a surgical procedure called D&C

October 2013- I got pregs for the second time

June-2014 –  My angel arrived

The reason stated in my ultrasound reports was a blighted ovum which clearly meant that the pregnancy could not progress after implantation. Before I  miscarried I knew everything about a blighted pregnancy (thanks to Google) and I always had a fright that I may have to go through it as my symptoms and U/S reports were clearly pointing towards a Blighted Ovum pregnancy.

Although I had heard and read about many successful stories of women getting pregnant after blighted ovum and delivering a healthy baby, it was still almost impossible for me to stop thinking about the miscarriage I had gone through but nothing can go against God’s will as I was destined to be a Mother, I am today.

What is a Blighted  Ovum ?

According to website

A blighted ovum occurs when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus but doesn’t develop into an embryo. It is also referred to as an anembryonic (no embryo)pregnancy and is a leading cause of early pregnancy failure or miscarriage.

Most of the first trimester miscarriages are due to blighted ovum and many cases the pregnancy is not yet determined.

For me a Blighted Ovum is

An empty gestational sac

No fetal heartbeat

No proper explanation of the cause

A shattered dream

Causes of Blighted Ovum?

A simple way to understand the cause is

The egg/ sperm that fertilized was poor in quality and / or abnormal cell division. The body itself will detect if the pregnancy is viable or not, and if its not you miscarry naturally.

Now here are the answers to the questions that probably landed you on this page.

The Blighted Ovum FAQ

Is there a way to prevent blighted Ovum ?

Unfortunately you cannot do much to prevent blighted ovum.

Can I get Pregnant after having a miscarriage  due to blighted Ovum?

Absolutely YES

Is there something wrong with me?

NO ! you are absolutely normal and you can conceive and deliver like any other woman on Earth (until and unless you suffer some other underlying conditions that adversely affect a normal pregnancy).

Will Blighted Ovum reoccur ?

The chances are very low, and in most cases its just a one time fluke of nature.

So was I not pregnant at all ?

Yes you were every bit pregnant, but the baby did not develop beyond implantation.

Can I have a successful pregnancy after having blighted ovum ?

Yes Yes Yes ! Take me as an example an keep your hopes high!

To conclude I will say, its a great deal of disappointment, you have lost something which was probably most precious to you, but remember this is not the dead end, a new journey awaits you and you shall succeed this time.

I hope my story restored your hope, please share it so that many others who are sailing in same boat can benefit from it.



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