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Home Remedies for Greasy Hair

Oil in our body is produced by Sebaceous glands, they produce fatty, greasy substance called Sebum, which lubricates the skin and hair and it also maintains proper hydration levels. Thus the production of oil in our body is important as it helps keep the skin moist and prevents excessive dryness of hair and skin.But when there is excess production of sebum the hair becomes  greasy, it attracts dirt and loses its volume and becomes sticky and flat.Employing certain home remedies for reducing oily hair can bring in the expected results, what we need to ensure while using natural remedies to control excess oil is that we retain the natural oils produced by the sebaceous gland. Stripping off all the oil from the scalp will result in dull, weak and lifeless hair.

Talking about hair the Sebum provides a healthy shine to hair strands the problem begins when it is produced in excess.

Controlling the oiliness of hair is very important as the oily hair attracts dirt more easily, these particles will clog the pores and lead to hair loss and other hair problems thus treating greasy hair will help you prevent hair fall also.

If you are not sure about your hair type you can do this simple test to check if your hair is greasy or not.

Home Remedies To Control The Oiliness Of Hair & Scalp

 home remedies for greasy hair

Shampoo Frequently


Washing you hair frequently will help to remove the excess oil from the scalp and thus preventing it from running down to the strands. When the scorching sun and summer is at its hottest the humidity and the heat stimulates the oil glands present in the scalp, and you end up with sweaty, smelly and greasy hair. In summers you must wash your hair after coming back from your outdoor routine.

The oil production which is carried out by the Sebaceous Glands is a continuous and an ongoing process our aim here is not to disturb the functioning of Sebaceous glands, what we should do instead is focus on removing the excess oil by washing it off.


Do not Condition Too Often

Greasy hair has got the tendency of flattening very, fast if you has been dealing with greasy hair you must be aware of the difficulties you face while styling your hair. Conditioning your hair after each time you shampoo will make the hair go flat.

Do not Over-brush

When we brush our hair the brush acts as the carrier of oil, the oil from the root will be carried by the hair brush through the length thus spreading the oil and making it all the more greasier.

Even though oily hair types are suggested not to over brush but still you have to brush your hair as you do not want to carry a birds nest over your head, so to address this the key choosing the right tool for your hair,  you can choose wide toothed combs as thick bristle brush tends to distribute more oil.

Try The Lemon Rinse For Greasy Hair

The acids in the Lemons will the greasiness. After Shampoo hair rinse will certainly help in reducing the problem of oily hair.

How to Make The Oil Control After Shampoo Lemon Rinse For Hair

Squeeze out juice from two lemons. Add it to a liter of water, try to use distilled water, if you cannot get it use normal tap water. Rinse your hair with this homemade lemon rinse after shampoo. This rinse should be your final rinse. If you do not want to use lemon rinse you can try Beer rinse or Cider rinse as they work equally well in dealing with greasing hair problem.

Condition The Ends

If you feel you need to condition your hair, then try to condition only the length and ends of your hair.The aim here is to avoid the hair conditioner seeping inside the roots.

Always check the contents on the packaging before you buy your conditioner, buy the product with the least amount of oil, or you can also try Homemade Hair Conditioners. Do not use cream based conditioners and shampoos.

Natural Home Remedies for Greasy Hair

Cut oiliness With Egg White Hair Mask

Just take Egg white of two Eggs (of more if you have longer tresses), whisk it a bit to make it lighter and easier to apply on the hair. Apply the Egg Whites root to tip and cover with a shower cap. Allow it to dry and then rinse with normal water. You can also squeeze in lemon juice in your last rinse this will enhance the results you get from your Egg mask.

Treat Greasy Tresses with Beer Rinse

The drying property of alcohol present in the beer will help cut the oiliness of hair. Make the beer flat by leaving it open for half an hour before using it. Shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo of try homemade shampoo if you have the luxury of time to pamper your tresses. It will be great if you can grab yourself organic beer to make the rinse as the organic beer wont be loaded with preservatives. Now wash your hair as you would normally do and after the final wash rinse your hair with diluted beer. Leave this beer rinse on for about 5-7 mins and then wash under normal running water.

To make the beer rinse you need

Flatenned Beer 1 part

Water 1 Part

Dilute the beer in water and use this as your after shampoo rinse.




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