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Remedy To Fix Over Salted Food

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how to balance oversalted dish

So Your Dish Is Over Salted ! Wondering What To Do Now ?

Salt is one ingredient that combines and lifts up the flavors of all the other ingredients in the dish. Without salt, no matter how amazing and balanced the dish is, it will never have the taste that all those spices and condiments can impart to the dish. In India salt is an essential, as we do not use different sauces and vinegar to season our dishes as it is done in the western part of the globe.

Think of that oops moment when you suddenly realize that you have bunged in the salt twice in your dish, You immediately grab a teaspoon to take out that extra dose but only to learn that it has already dissolved. Grrrrrrr now what! Nothing just relax as there are some old school  practices that  still works to fix the saltiness of the dish.

Oversalting can destroy the dish and also the efforts put in, but these three fixes will save your food:

 Top Three Quick Remedies For Fixing Over salted Food

remedy to fix  over salted dish

  1. Replace some amount of the Gravy :

Take out some quantity of the gravy, save it in the refrigerator as you can use it the next day with some other veggie. Now replace the portion that you have removed with a quickly made tomato puree gravy (do not put salt in this gravy).

To make this gravy : Puree some fresh tomatoes or canned in case you used canned tomatoes in your original dish, the idea here is to the match the taste and flavor of the original dish. Now heat oil in a pan add the tomatoes cook it well till the oil oozes out  and add very small amount of other condiments you used to make the base of your dish. Now add this gravy to your oversalted dish and cook till everything amalgamates perfectly.

If your dish is not a gravy based dish and its rather on the dryer side like stir-fries your only life saving option is to double the recipe, make the second batch without adding any salt and then mix both the batches.

  1. Use Atta Loi (Flour Dumplings)

Take a dough made with regular wheat flour. Make small balls by rolling it between the palms. Pop these dumplings to the oversalted curry and let it simmer these dumplings will absorb the excess seasoning. Once done, remove the dumplings carefully from the dish.

Alternatively you can use potatoes (whole) to absorb the saltiness from the curry. Now these potatoes are cook’s treat so enjoy!

  1. Add vinegar and Sugar

This remedy to fix the saltiness, will change the flavor of the dish but the outcome will be delicious. Sugar and Vinegar are mostly used to balance the saltiness of a dish.

To fix over salted soup adding sugar and acid will work excellent.

Tips to prevent Over salting

Do not add salt in one go rather keep adding in different stages while cooking the dish.

Always take out salt in a teaspoon and then add, as the judgement can sometimes fail if you put it right away with your hand.

You have your own tried and tested fix to deal over salting? Please share it in the comment section so that we have some more options to save our dishes.



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