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Chicken Pish Pash Recipe for Babies / Toddlers

chicken pish pash recipe toddlers

As a mommy to a toddler, I always recommend giving freshly made food to babies, avoiding canned and ready made meal is always a good idea. Considering the nutritive value of Homemade food, hygiene and love comes as a bonus. Sometimes it gets very difficult to feed a fussy toddler, so when the little one gets you exhausted, Pish Pash recipe for babies is your go to.

I love cooking for my eighteen months old baby and I have been feeding her home cooked food ever since she entered her seventh month (as advised by our pediatrician she was exclusively breastfed for her first six months). Oh yes, I know feeding a moody toddler is nothing less than a war but looking into the benefits I stick to homemade recipes. Being on this mission I always find myself hunting for simple recipes for toddlers, chicken recipe for toddlers always tops my search list as my angel loves to eat chicken, so everyday there is a new experiment as I want to offer my DD a lot of variety so that she does not get bored of eating one type of food daily. I also try to introduce new food item to her frequently.

chicken pish pash recipe for baby toddlers

Khichdi and Indian type of one pot meal similar to a Pish Pash has always been a winner for me as my lil one loves to feast on it. Khichdi can be loaded with lots of veggies and this is probably the most easy way to feed vegetables to babies, but today I am sharing a chicken recipe for toddlers which is an Anglo-Indian recipe which I have modified so that it becomes fit to be offered to a toddler. You can also try Spinach Khichdi for baby which is very nutritive with carbs from rice, protein from dal and micro nutrients from spinach,

Pish Pash Recipe : Chicken Recipe for Toddlers

A Pish Pash is a one pot meal which is prepared with Chicken, Rice and whole spices, very easy to make and delicious to taste a Pish Pash can be enjoyed with a garnish of fried onions and potato fingers. Here I made some alteration to the original recipe so that it can be offered to toddlers, instead of using big pieces of chicken we will use very small chunks of chicken.

Recipe Type : Non-Vegetarian

Age Group: Above 12 months

Precaution : The chicken pieces should be finely chopped ( if not sure than replace the chunks with mince)

Consistency: Soupy

chicken recipe for toddlers

Ingredients For Chicken Pish Pash

1/2 Cup of Rice

2 boney pieces of chicken

3 Tbsp. Finely Chopped boneless chicken

2-3 Cloves

3 Green Cardamoms

6-8 Whole Black Pepper

1/4 tsp Cumin Seeds

2 tsp Onion Paste

1 Tsp Ginger Garlic Paste

Oil or Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Utensil Used : Pressure cooker

Recipe Method

1. Heat oil in a pan

2. add cumin seeds and allow it to crackle, Now add other whole spices

3. Add onion paste, stir and let it get pinkish in color, then add ginger garlic paste, stir well and add 2 tablespoon of water

4. Now add the chicken pieces, saute them for a while

5. Once everything is nicely sauteed  add the Rice

6. Stir and Mix everything nicely

7. Add 2 cups of Water and salt according to taste

8. Pressure cook in low flame till you get 2 whistles. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, cover with thick lid, simmer and cook for 45 mins in low flame.

Once done turn the heat off and let the remaining pressure release. Now remove the two bone pieces from the dish as they have served their purpose of infusing nutrition and flavor to the dish.

Feed This delicious soupy pish pash to your lil one, just be careful about the whole spices, discard them while feeding to prevent choking .This is a very easy chicken recipe for babies, it does not require any special cooking skills and nor does it take much of your time. Nutricious and tasty, this Pish Pash makes a perfect Lunch for toddlers.

This Chicken Pish Pash recipe is very basic however it can be enhanced and modified according to the likes of your baby. One important thing here is that you must used boney pieces, as boneless pieces does not prepare a tasty soup.

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