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Chiksa Powder For Skin | Benefits Of Chiksa Powder

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how to use chiksa powder for skin face

Every girl strives to look the best on her wedding day, in Indian culture a bride starts her pre-bridal beauty regime weeks before her big day, we also have a ritual dedicated to this whole idea of enhancing the beauty of the bride and groom where a bride and groom both are applied Haldi Ubtan (turmeric paste) so that they dazzle with sparkling radiance on their skin which separates them from others present for the wedding. In the pre bridal beauty regime a special bath powder is also used, this is called Chiksa Powder. Using chiksa powder for skin glow and fragrance is nothing new for brides to be in India.

An Introduction to Chiksa Powder 

Chiksa powder is a fragrant powder which is prepared by mixing different ingredients like sandal wood, turmeric, rose petals and many other aromatic and therapeutic ingredients. Although I do not know the exact formula and composition for preparing chiksa powder at home, I know how it looks, smells and most importantly how it benefits the skin making it smooth, radiant and supple.

I have contacted a lot of people who would possibly tell me the recipe for making my own chiksa powder but have not gained any success by far, so for time being I settle down for the ready made chiksa powder that I get from a local Jadi-booti vendor.

Apart from imparting glow and suppleness to the skin, chiksa also leaves a soothing fragrance that lingers on for sometime after all it is a perfumed bath powder.

Many people treat chiksa as mere face pack but in true sense it is a bath powder which is scented with special herbs and perfumed natural ingredients which can be mixed with any sweet oil and applied gently all over the body.

Chiksa Powder Benefits for Skin

  • It helps in reducing the marks and spots.
  • Imparts glow and radiance to the skin
  • Smoothens the skin
  • Leaves the skin soft and supple
  • Using Chiksa Powder is a wonderful regime for prepping up for an upcoming event/ceremony.

Where To get Chiksa powder

Chiksa powderis relatively less common as compared to other ubtans like haldi chandan ubtan or multani mitti ubtan. You can make a visit to the local herb shop where you get the ingredients for making ubtans etc. Pansari is a Hindi term used for people selling jadi booties. You can search for pansari shop in your city. When there was no e-commerce you could buy chiksa from the local shops dealing with herbal and Ayurvedic products, these stores are still the best source to avail your supply of chiksa. With the emergence of e-commerce you can now buy it online at the comfort of your home.

Abbumiyan  & Co. and Supreme Dulhan are the two most popular suppliers of Chiksa Powder, you can google them and place your order.


Pure Chiksa Powder No Chemicals

Use of Chiksa Powder For Skin

Chiksa is a ready made ubtan which has already got a mix of various ingredients that are beneficial for skin so it can be used alone as a bath powder and as a face pack. It can also be used as a skin nourishing face  pack.

How to make Chiksa Ubtan for Glowing Skin

Chiksa Powder Ubtan For Face


Besan (Bengal Gram Powder) or Masoor Dal Powder – 1/2 Tsp

Rose Water : Enough to Make Paste

Chiksa Powder : 1 Tsp.

Method: Mix all the ingredients to make a smooth paste.  Apply on the face and leave it for some time. Rinse off by gentling massaging in circular motion.

This is a very basic chiksa ubtan to be used by brides to be.  infact everyone can use this pack if they are preparing for any special event. Start using this face pack on daily basis one month prior to the event.

For regular use this chiksa ubtan can be applied twice a week to retain the smoothness, suppleness and glow of the skin.

 Chiksa Ubtan for Body

Any Sweet Oil : Enough to blend in the powder

Patchouli Essential Oil (Few Drops)

Chiksa Powder

Smear the ubtan and slowly massage it on your body , and then take shower as you would normally do. Use Rose Water to adjust the consistency of the ubtan.

If somehow you could not manage to get chiksa powder you can try this homemade herbal bath powder recipe, which is equally effective.



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