Haldi Chandan Ubtan for bride : Beauty Regime of Indian Bride

Haldi Chandan Ubtan For Bride

The Importance of Haldi (Turmeric in Indian Culture)

Among the various preparations that are done to make a wedding ceremony the perfect one, is one tradition that involves applying a turmeric paste on the bride’s body. Turmeric is considered auspicious in Indian culture and we Indians possibly make the most use of it. In India Turmeric is used as a spice in every household, it is also given a very high regard in our ancient medicine system i.e. Ayurveda. The classic Haldi ubtan for bride is not just a face pack or a beauty regime but in true essence it is a tradition that has been followed since time immemorial.

Haldi, Halad or Haridra all these names refer to the golden spice Turmeric which comes from the Ginger family. Turmeric is used to improve blood circulation, ensure digestive health and is also a very good and effective home remedy for cough and cold. Apart from numerous health benefits of Turmeric, it is also acknowledged as a beauty aid.  It is used in several beauty formulations like sun screens, fairness pack, anti acne creams, antiseptic creams etc. and thus in an Indian wedding a whole ceremony is dedicated to Turmeric,  to beautify a bride and groom prior to their wedding day.

The Haldi ubtan is applied on the arms, legs and face of the bride and is gently scrubbed and is followed by a customary bath. The Uban helps in brightening the skin and removing the tan, it also gives glow and radiance to the skin.

haldi chandan ubtan for bride

How To Make Haldi Ubtan For Bride

Ubtan is a paste made with different ingredients like besan, haldi, masoor dal powder, sandalwood powder, fuller’s Earth etc. to improve the complexion, smoothness and radiance of the skin. Using Turmeric in the ubtan will not only bestow glow and suppleness but will also help in treating pimples, fading the scars and killing the bacteria from the surface of the skin.

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The base of ubtan used by brides in Indian culture is Haldi, a few more ingredients are added to balance the intensity of turmeric and to make the ubtan more enriching for the skin.

To Make Haldi Ubtan You Will Need

1. Dried Turmeric Roots : 1 part

2. Besan (chikpea Flour) : 3 parts

3. Rose Water

4. For Dry Skin: Mustard Oil / Sesame Oil or Buttermilk

For Oily Skin : Lemon Juice

5. Sandal wood powder : 1 part

So if you take 1 tsp of haldi paste you must add 1 tsp of chandan or sandal wood powder and 3 tsp teaspoon of besan

The reason for adding the ingredient listed under no. 4 is to tackle the dryness that can be caused to the brides who already have dry skin. Those who do not have dry skin can delete the oil from this ubtan.

How To Make The Turmeric Paste For Bride (with sandalwood)

1. Soak the Turmeric roots for 24 hours so that they become soft and convenient to be ground or pounded. Pounding is the traditional approach applied while preparing Haldi paste for brides.

2. Make the paste from the soaked roots

3. In a bowl, mix turmeric paste, besan and chandan powder

4. Add rose water to adjust the consistency and finally the oil or buttermilk if you are willing to use it.

Voila you are ready with your pre-bridal Haldi ubtan, this ubtan can be used in Haldi ceremony and also as a face pack before wedding for that unparalleled glowing skin every bride deserves to flaunt on her big day.

If you find soaking and grinding turmeric roots a little tedious, you can replace the roots with turmeric powder. Ensure that you get your turmeric powder from a herbal store and not from the spice shelf of a supermarket.

If you loved this article Im sure you will also like to make your own bath powder i.e snan ubtan.



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