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Best Lumbosacral Belts in India For Lower Back Pain

Interested in buying lumosacral belt in India?If  Yes, then reading this article will certainly help you in making the right choice. Lumbosacral belts, as the name suggests are the belts that are worn on the lower back. The belt essentially covers the lumbar vertebrae (lower part of the spine) and the Sacrum (the triangular bone below the lumbar region.

The key feature of a lumbosacral belt is that it must provide rigid support to the weakened or injured support, it should also be comfortable enough so that it can be used for longer period of time at a stretch. It usually comprises of melleable splints that provides reinforcement to the back thus reducing the pain.

How Does a Lumbosacral Belt Help In The Management Of Lower Back Pain

Most of the brands available in Indian market are non medicated, so you must not expect them to treat the pain or alleviate the cause of pain and discomfort. Wearing a Lumbosacral belt or brace will certainly help by providing you comfort and will reduce the pain by reducing pressure on the spine. It will provide an environment for healing various spinal conditions like Spondylitis, lumbosacral Spondylosis etc.

Talking about the Indian subcontinent, Lumbosacral belts have caught a lot of attention in past few years, people working in IT industry and in Call centers are required to sit for long hours and they mostly tend to sit in improper posture which causes pain in their lower back this is one among the various reasons of increased demand of back support belts in India. These lumbar support belts come in a variety of sizes and with different material, based on which the cost of the belt differs. The two most commonly used belts in india are contoured lumbosacral belts and non contoured belts. The contoured LS supports are ergonomically designed whereas the normal LS Belt has a straight splint usually made up of fibre, the size ranges from small to XXl.

With the emergence and growing popularity of e-commerce, buying belts for lower back pain in India has become easy, you can go online and search, compare and buy the products that best suits your requirement, I have compiled this list to make your job even easier, however this list includes my personal choice should you wish, you can explore the market and choose your best buy.

Best Lumbar Support Belts In India Available Online and in Stores

Flamingo Lumbar Sacro Belt

Brand : Flamingo

Flamingo is the brand name which became famous with the launch of its much popular orthopedic heat belt. The company then entered and captured a good market share in the Orthopedic Support products.

Product Highlights (as claimed by the Company)

About the Product

  • The product claims to improve posture and also check the abdominal sagging by provide compression. Its a wide belt and thus provide good coverage.
  • The double pull feature ads to the strength of the belt.
  • Its available in four sizes.
  • Useful in management of lumbosacral spondylolysis, osteoporotic pain of the lumbar spines, post discketomy care, lumbosacral or sacroiliac mechanical due to poor posture


Vissco Sacro Lumbar Back Belt

 Vissco is probably the longest known brand that manufactures Orthopedic Rehabilitation Aids in India. They have been there and doing that for over 50 years now.
vissco sacro lumbar belt
What they say about this product
  • Made from ventilated elastic which facilitates air flow
  • Designed to provide rigid and comfortable back-support / lumbosacral support
  • Made from special fiber malleable molded material
  • Double elastic strapping for firm support


They offer an array of products for Lumbo Sacral Spine with different specifications and sizes Check Store

Tynor LS Belt Lumbopore

Tynor Orthotics is again an Indian brand, it has gained popularity in the recent times and is now exporting across the seas also. They are highly experimental and they update their products whenever there is any new development in the niche.


Tynor LS Belt Lumbopore – Large

What Company Claims

  • Extra porous
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Double pull mechanism
  • Semi rigid contoured splints


 Schneider Orthopaedic Lumbosacral Corset Padded

Schneider Orthopaedic is a well known brand from Maharashtra, their product quality is very good and is at par with the leading brands of the orthopedic rehab industry.

lumbosacral belt india

Lumbo Sacral Belt In India

What They Claim

  • Provides rigid support to the lumbosacral region
  • Controls chronic low back pain
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Breathable side elastic straps with foam padding at the ends
  • Additional strap for extra compression and support


 Price : Rs.550.00 (their price is same for all the sizes)

This completes the list for best lumbar sacral belts available in india as far as my choice is conceremned but the market has many other brands too that have been there for quite sometime now and are doing well. You can Check Out

other brands here




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