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Motherhood Myths Busted By Dr. Kiran Coelho

pregnancy myths busted


Expecting mothers often face a lot of do’s and don’ts to follow during the ‘9 months’. From cutting back on caffeine to putting a halt on working out, some artefacts while others are just make believe.Old wives’ tales are always amusing- carry high, it’s a girl, carry low, it’s a boy, but not all tales are true. Pregnancy myths are deep rooted and with the overload of advice out there, it’s hard to decide what to believe and what not to believe.

pregnancy myths busted

Always high on hormones, expecting mothers often seek advice from their parents and relatives, as they have prior experience; but times have changed and a lot of the traditional ways of thinking may not apply today.Homemade skin remedies by your aunts and grandmothers are always a go-to, but during pregnancy, being extra careful is always a must, especially with skin.

Good Skin Care Will Help You Look As Pretty As Ever

During pregnancy, most expecting mothers are extremely conscious of their skin. They are apprehensive of the way their skin looks, of the stretch marks on their baby bump and often worry if they can ever get back their pre-pregnancy skin. The myth says stretch marks are there to stay for good, but there are ways by which one may reduce their occurrence or lighten the scars all together. According to expert celebrity celebrity gynecologist, Dr. Kiran Coelho, mothers-to-be should use solutions containing Vitamin E, Calendula, Rosemary Oil and Chamomile such as Bio-Oil, for reducing stretch marks and preventing their appearance. Pregnancy is a time when moms-to-be must take special care as their skin becomes more susceptible. Skincare becomes an issue as most pregnant women experience dark spots, patches, stretch marks and itchiness.Bio-Oil is one such expert solution which helps expecting mothers during and after their pregnancy days by reducing itchiness, lightening the marks and soothing their skin as a whole.

Eat Right And Adequate

Apart from skincare, eating right is a must for expecting moms. The age old myth says while you’re pregnant, you eat for two. The average woman with a normal weight, pre-pregnancy requires only 300 extra calories per day to maintain and promote her baby’s growth. While eating more than normal is obvious during pregnancy, eating for two isn’t; shedding those pregnancy kilos can be a real task for new moms!

Doing Low Impact Exercise to Remain in Normal Weight Range And To Strengthen The Muscles Is Always Advisable

It’s a common worry for most expecting mothers to be able to retain their figure after pregnancy. Another one of the falsies would be restricting moms-to-be from exercising or working out. As tradition goes in India, pregnant women are expected to stay home, take ample rest, eat right and live a calm and composed life for the 9 months she’s pregnant. On the other hand, experts are of the opinion that a low impact work out is a great way to control weight. Pre-natal exercise and a light walk often helps ease the pain and relieve pressure if done right.

Motherhood myths have been followed and pondered over for generations. Treating your skin and body in the right manner is of utmost importance for expecting mothers. Myths or no myths, using expert solutions such as Bio-Oil, eating healthy and regular meals and following your doctor’s advice is the perfect way for new moms to have a stress free pregnancy.



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