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5 Best Post Pregnancy Belts In India To Wear After Delivery

Wearing an after delivery belt for reducing the belly  is not a new concept, its an age old practice and has been performed in several countries, including India. What makes the whole concept refreshing and new is the evolution of the post natal belt from a normal cloth to a highly aesthetic and ergonomically designed tummy binder.

The cloth binding technique that was used traditionally used a normal cotton cloth or even a saree to bind the tummy. But for present day woman, the scenario has changed, they have a wide array of options to choose from. There are plenty of international and indigenous brands catering the post pregnancy belt market.

The dilemma here is how to choose the best Post Pregnancy Belt that proves to be the best buy and an effective product that serves the purpose well.

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Top 5 Post Pregnancy Belts To Wear After Delivery In India 

The most important reason for placing these brands on the top 7 spot is their consistency. These brands have been there for years and they still have a promising future. Which clearly shows that these pregnancy belts are conceived, designed and manufactured with a vision. However wearing a pregnancy belt is not a guarantee for getting your pre-pregnancy belly back but still they do help in restoring the sagging muscles while providing comfort.

Our List of 7 Best Post Pregnancy Belts In India for 2022

S No.Post Pregnancy Belt Brand
1Tynor Tummy Trimmer or Abdominal Belt 
2Mee Mee Post-Natal Maternity Support Corset Belt
3Schneider Orthopaedic Gynaec Belt To Wear After C-Section Delivery
4Wonder Care-Abdominal Binder Tummy Trimmer Post pregnancy Waist Support belt
5Cling Breath Post Maternity Corset
6Vissco Abdominal Belt support Post Delivery
7OBLIQ Abdomen Support Belt for Post Pregnancy
8NUCARTURE Pregnancy belts after delivery c section corset

All the belts in the list are in different shapes and structure. Every brand has its own theory and focus about their products, Some brands focus on comfort, some are keen on making their product affordable. If you are finding difficulty in choosing the type of belt you should be wearing after delivery you can check my article on different types of Post Pregnancy Abdomibal Support Belts.

Things To Consider While Buying A Post Pregnancy Belt For Belly

These are not the guidelines, these are the things that I considered while choosing the after delivery belt post my c-section for myself. Every woman is different and so are the priorities but there are some points which are common to all as far as my view point is considered

  • Comfort : The belt should be comfortable to wear, it must not hurt or cause any sort of pain or itchiness.
  • Design : It must have high coverage, so that there is no popping or bulging out.
  • Strecheability : The material of the belt should be stretchable to some degree, so that it provides proper fit and is neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Skin Friendly : This means your skin should feel happy with the belt. The material must be breathable so that it can deal with perspiration. It should be soft and smooth to feel as you may wear it directly on the skin as well.

I have prepared this comprehensive list of top 5 post pregnancy belts available in India which are the best to  be used to help you choose the most appropriate tummy binder that will help lose the belly fat. The major brands available in India are Tynor, Vissco, Wondercare and now Belly Bandit has also joined the league.

1. Tynor Tummy Trimmer or Abdominal Belt 

Features Of Tynor Tummy Trimmer

  • Perfect elasticity
  • Breathable materials
  • Dermophillic
  • No rolling over, no buckling

 This is an abdominal belt ideal for post natal tummy binding. It provides optimal compression and restores the muscles to the pre pregnancy state. It can be worn after C-section as well as normal delivery. The product comes in various sizes ranging from small to XXL. It is supported with special nylon reeves that prevent the belt from rolling over. The price of this product changes with size, but its economic and affordable You can Buy it Here

2. Mee Mee Post-Natal Maternity Support Corset Belt

 MeeMee is a well known brand in baby care segment. They have now launched their maternity range which maintains their standard.

Mee Mee Post Natal Corset
  • Safe Convenient
  • Skin-Friendly Recommended for use post-delivery.
  • Provides Compression & support to help abdomen
  • Muscles improve & gain strength.
  • Reduces abdomen size measurement.

The belt is well ventilated and thus it is skin friendly. It claims to provide support to weakened abdomen & back muscles. Provides compression & support to help abdomen muscles improve & gain strength . Reduces abdomen size measurement. The product is washable and thus its hygienic.

You can buy it here

3. Schneider Orthopaedic Gynaec Belt To Wear After C-Section Delivery

after delivery belt
Schneider Orthopaedic Gynaec Belt

This brand has been there in the market for a while and was recently launched in Amazon India. The product quality is very good and the design is also apt. Schneider’s Gynaec Belt has an ergonomic design which is an added point as most of the after delivery belts available in India have a straight pattern.

The belt is supported with 4 fiber stays that helps in preventing the rolling over of the belt. The closure system is given at the side thus making it a comfortable wear even after a C-Section delivery.

You can Buy Schneider Orthopaedic Gynaec Belt Here

4. Wonder Care-Abdominal Binder Tummy Trimmer Post pregnancy Waist Support belt

The brand boasts on its aesthetic aspect. It is a three layered product with a glossy patch in the front.
The Wonder Care belt is majorly constructed with elastic and thus it is stretchable which means proper fit  and it will also provide compression to the abdominal muscles.

The highlight about the brand is that they have same price for all the five size variants unlike Tynor that charges differently for different sizes. Whether you buy small size or XXL, you will be paying the same price. Its quite affordable and is available online at just Rs.379.00, which is far from being pricey.

If you want to it buy online Order It Here

5. Cling Breath Post Maternity Corset

Cling Breath Post Maternity Corset

As the name suggests, it clings to the body and is comfortable to wear for long duration. It is completely made of elastic thus it is has good strechability. Made with imported material Cling claims to retain its elasticity even after long use.

Sizes Available:

Small – Hip circumference: 70-80 cm

Medium – Hip circumference: 80-90 cm

Large – Hip circumference: 90-100 cm

XLarge – Hip circumference: 100-110 cm

You can order cling post maternity corset here

6. Vissco Large Abdominal Belt support Post Delivery

Vissco Abdominal Belt

This is from the famous house of Vissco. They have carved a niche for themselves in the field of orthopaedic rehabilitation and surgical products. This abdominal belt is ment to support the weakened abdominal muscles post delivery, it is even effective in post operative care.
The belt is made from a cotton knitted elastic fabric with holes that allow the skin pores to breathe.

The price for this is affordable and the product is worth the price. You can buy the belt here

7. OBLIQ Abdomen Support Belt for Post Pregnancy, Tummy/Waist Trimmer, Weight Loss Binder 

Obliq Abdominal Support

This belt is perfect for those who have a problem of back pain post delivery. It is an abdominal compression belt with back support. It is made up of Neoprene material and thus may help in weight loss too.

Aiming to shrink the tummy after delivery, women are ready to try almost everything that comes way. Post pregnancy tummy binders are one simple way to get the pre-pregnancy belly. At the same time post natal Yoga and exercise should also be considered to speed up the journey of post partum recovery.


8. NUCARTURE Pregnancy belts after delivery c section corset,

This belt in gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. It is ideal to wear for post maternity support for women normal delivery. Abdominal Slimming Postpartum Waist Belt Recovery Tummy Body Shaper are some benefits of wearing Nucarture Post Pregnancy Belt.




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