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Depression Recovery Activity Planner : Keeping Mood Journal

depression recovery activity planner

Keeping control of your life is of prime significance when you deal with depression. If you allow the low mood, the melancholy and that constant feeling of sadness take over your life you will find yourself sinking in the gloom. A person who is in persistent depression may experience aversions to daily activities, pessimism and Insomnia.

Depression Recovery : Keeping A Mood Journal

It is very essential for a person who is going through depression to understand his feelings and emotions. if a depressed  person knows about the mood fluctuating triggers he can possibly help himself by avoiding such situations and events. A daily mood journal or a planner can help a lot in understanding the mood patterns of a depressed person.

Maintaining a log of your daily activities is a very good way of keeping things in your control. It is suggested that a person must plan the activities a day before and try to keep up this schedule. Any deviations that are likely to occur in the beginning can be recorded and analysed later. Daily Activity Planner for Recovering from depression comes in handy.

Directions To use This Daily Activity Planner

  • Fill in the Planned Activity column a night before
  • Fill rest of the columns at the end of the day
  • Analyse : Check if you did everything as per the plan or not
  • Now try to figure the reason why you failed in some activities
  • Note down what was you mood at that time. Rate between 1-5.

After a few days of doing this daily exercise you may seem some patterns in your mood fluctuations. for instance you may notice that a certain event triggers depression and anxiety in you, or may at any particular time of the day you mostly feel low and depressed.

Download This Printable Depression  Recovery Daily Activity Planner

  1. Printable Activity Planner in Blue

depression recovery planner


2. Printable Activity planner Minimalistic Black and White Template

Black & White Activity Planner Download

Minimalistic Grayscale Planner to track your daily activities. You can keep a record of the activities you planned for the day and how much of your goal was achieved. This planner will also help you in jotting the reasons that lead to the deviation.

You can download this planner if you are on your way to depression recovery. Once downloaded you can use this planner as many times as you wish.


3. Printable Depression Recovery Activity Planner Pink

A beautiful pink planner that looks just too pretty. Plan and track your daily activity as well as analyse the causes and triggers of deviation.

This planner is all you need on your way to recovery from depression. It will help you in bringing your daily schedule back on track.


depression recovery activity planner


Printable Planner -2

Depression Recovery Daily activity Planner




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