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Home Remedies For Depression : Self Help Tips

home remedies for depression

Who doesn’t know Bollywood’s superstar Rajesh khanna’s fame and glory, he was the heartthrob of millions in his hay days. But very few know about his downfall, the actor is known to have suffered depression for years and it is said that he never actually managed to recover from it.  So what is so great about depression that one finds it that difficult to overcome?  Well I am not the right authority to comment on that, what I know is that there are a lot of ways that a depressed person can do to help himself. Yes, the self help techniques and home remedies for depression can work wonders in getting you out of the blues.

Life is like a Roller Coaster ride and most of us suffer depression at some point in our lives which is absolutely normal as we cope with it without putting any special efforts and seeking any professional help. It becomes serious when it starts affecting your day-to-day life in a negative way. A person suffering from major depression will find difficulty in sleeping, eating, concentrating while performing tasks. Suicidal tendencies may or may not occur. To sum up we can say that depression is a constant feeling of melancholy and despair.

Home Remedies for Depression

People who fail to cope with chronic or acute stress are more vulnerable to develop depression. If you are facing failure at work, failing relationship, dealing with divorce stress, chances are there that you get into depression. Where there are plenty of professional counseling and treatment available for those who are a case of major depression, natural and home remedies for depression will prove helpful for those “not so serious” cases of depression.

home remedies for depression

  1. Talk-it-Out

Loneliness acts like a booster for depression. Instead of just keeping it to yourself, it is advisable to shed your inhibitions and just talk-it-out. We all have a few souls around us who do care for us and are our well-wishers in true sense. It is just that many a times we fail to recognize them. Find such a friend to share your feelings. Once you start sharing about your feeling and emotions, about things that are disturbing you, about persons that are bothering you and compelling you to lead a depressed life, I am sure you will start feeling better. You will feel relieved and that feeling of constant hopelessness will begin to fade.

  1. Get Active and Move Around

Chilling at home can be good and relaxing for some, but if you are depressed, hanging around the house is seriously not a good idea. Get your jogging shoes on, or grab your helmet to take a bike ride, visit a friend or go shop like berserk, play your favorite outdoor game, the remedy here is getting away from home.

  1. Is Food Changing The Mood

Proper nutrition is important for both physical and mental health. Nowadays Low Carb diets are  trending, but very less know that our body derives most of its energy from carbohydrates. If you are on a high Protein and Low carb diet you need to revisit your dietician. Lack of Serotonin in your daily diet can also be the culprit.

According to

Too little serotonin in the brain is thought to play a role in depression”

  1. Pens and Crayons

Let the emotions flow, write down everything that comes in your mind, drawing them is a little more fun. When you start writing or drawing, the moment sadness and despair hits you, you will be amazed to see the insight you get about the whole situation that is leading to depression. This exercise will not only help you in beating the blues but also will help you figure out the way out of it.

Did you know that your choice of the colors or crayons actually reflect the most dominating feelings. For instance if your drawing is mostly in Red then you are surely angry, black depicts sadness, gray, anxiety and so on.

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  1. Get a Reality Check

Sometimes things you assume are causing depression actually do not exist. If you suspect your spouse to be cheating on you which is quite a good reason be depressed and sink in melancholy, may be far from reality. It can just be your assumption and not the fact. So its always good to get a reality check before you go ahead and take any decisive action.

         6. Herbal Supplements

There are several herbal mood boosters that can help you come out of depression. These supplements should only be taken as directed by the physician.

7. Schedule Your Activities

Planning your daily activities a day before and logging all your actual activities on the day will help you in  understanding your mood fluctuations an depression triggering events. Based on your observations you may take corrective measures to avoid situations and environments that triggers depressive mood.



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